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104 LETTERS IN CANADA 1998 Garrard, Jim, and Grant Heckman. Sir John, Eh? Quarry. 88. $14.95 Gow, David. Chern} Docs. Scirocco. 88. $12.95 Griffiths, Linda. The Duchess a.k.a. Wallis Simpson. Playwrights Canada Press. 128. $14·95 Healey, Michael. Kicked. Canadian Theatre Review 97 Hollingsworth, Margaret. Wilful Acts. Talon. 288. $18.95 James, Sheila. A Canadian Monsoon. Canadian Theatre Review 94 Johnston, Simon. Running Dog, Paper Tiger. Playwrights Canada Press. 120. $13·95 Lemoine, Stewart. 'Cocktails at Pam's' and 'Evelyn Strange.' Playwrights Canada Press. 184. $14.95 Lill, Wendy. Corker. Talon. 128. $14.95 MacLerman, Michael Lewis. Beat the Sunset. Playwrights Canada Press. 104. $14.95 - Grace. Scirocco. 88. $12.95 Morrissey, Kim. Clever As Paint: The Rossettis in Love. Playwrights Canada Press. 96. $13·95 Moses, Daniel David. Big Buck City. Exile Editions. 112. $17.95 Nelson, Greg. Spirit Wrestler. Coteau Books. 128. $11.95 Panych, Morris. Lawrence and Holloman. Talon. 128. $14.95 Prerogatives: Contemporary Plays by Women. Blizzard. 224· $24.95 Robinson, Mansel. The Heart As It Lived. Playwrights Canada Press. 96. $13.95 Rossi, Vittorio. Paradise by the River. Talon. 144· $14.95 Sanger, Richard. Not Spain. Playwrights Canada Press. 80. $13.95 Shantz, Valerie, ed. Short Spells: Scenes and Monologues. Playwrights Canada Press. 132 . $17·95 SherI Emil. Making Waves: Three Radio Plays. Simon and Pierre. 140. $18.99 Shields, Carol, and Dave Williamson. Anniversary. Blizzard. 60. $10.95 Taylor, Drew Hayden. Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth. Talon. 112. $14.95 Thiessen, Vern. Blowfish. Playwrights Canada Press. 64· $13.95 Tova, Theresa. Still the Night. Scirocco. 96. $12.95 Tremblay, Michel. For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again. Trans Linda Gaboriau. Talon. 80. $13.95 Young, David. Inexpressible Tsland. Scirocco. 144· $14.95 Translations JANE J(OUSTAS The spring of 1999 saw the death of two major contributors to translation practice in Canada, Jean-Paul Vinay and Philip Stratford. Coauthored with ]. Darbelnet, also deceased, Vinay's Stylistique comparee du fran~ais et de l'anglais (1958, first edition) signalled a new era in translation pedagogy. Aimed at the Canadian francophone student, this study took the teaching of translation beyond the standard, and largely continental, version and TRANSLATIONS 105 theme exercises by outlining a veritable comparison of the two languages and hence explaining the differences between them. Philip Stratford's contribution, which includes his noteworthy translations, particularly 'of Antonine Maillet, and his scholarly work, notably his Bibliography of Canadian Books in Translation: French to English and English to French (1977), can perhaps best be measured by considering the degree to which he, and those he inspired, changed translation practice in Canada. If, in 1977, he noted that Canada had no translation tradition, it is thanks to the work of quality translators and dedicated translation scholars like himself that Canada can indeed now boast a translation tradition which includes, inaddition to fine translations offiction and non-fiction in French, English, and other languages, professional associations such at the Literary Translators' Association (soon to celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary), scholarly associations such as the Canadian Association for Translation Studies, and publishing companies specializing in translation such as Exile Editions and Guernica, as well as recognition by larger companies including McClelland and Stewart, scholarly publications such as the Pedagogie de la traduction series of the University of Ottawa Press, and post-secondary translation programs across the country. Furthermore, if Stratford once claimed that there had been next to no sharing of experience on critical, cultural, or creative levels between the two solitudes, three recent publications illustrate that studying and attempting to understand the Other and the other language through exchange and comparison has become an important scholarly enterprise: the theme of the spring 1999 issue of Voix et Images (24:3) is 'la litterature quebecoise sous Ie regard de l'autre'; Echanges culturels entre les deux solitudes (Presses de rUniversite Laval, 1999) includes articles on translation and reception; Two Solicitudes: Conversations ( McClelland and Stewart, xii, 252, $19.99), Phyllis Aronoff and Howard Scott's highly readable translation of Margaret Atwood and Victor-Levy Beaulieu's 'conversation' entitled Deux sollicitudes (Editions Trois Pistoles, 1996) illustrates precisely the type of exchange Stratford encouraged. Thus, while...


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