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UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY Contents of Volume 57, Numbers 2-4, 1987/8 All articles and books reviewed in issues 2- 4 of volume 57 are listed below. For the material . in 'Letters in Canada 1986: which constitutes issue 1 of the volume, see the 'Index to Books Reviewed: 57" (Fali19B7), 255-8. ARTICLES ANDERSON, WALTER E. Heart of Darkness: The Sublime Spectacle 404 CALDERWOOD, JAMES L. Appalling Property in Othello 353 DEANE, PATRICK The Fate of Narrative in David Jones's Anathemata )06 EseR, DEBORAH A Defence of RhetoriClThe Triumph of Reading: De Man, Shelley and The Rhetoric of Romanticism 484 HOFFPAUIR, RICHARD The Love Poetry of Robert Graves 422 JEFFERS, THOMAS L. Forms of Misprision: '; The Early· and MidNictorian Reception of Goethe's Bifdungsidee 501 KAUFMAN, ANDREW AuthOrity and Vision: William Blake and the Gospels 389 MAUNDRELL, RICHA~D and DAVlD FLACEL Painting, Music, and Baseball: Creativity and the Passing of the Age of Giants 529 QUINN, DENNIS Me audiendi ... stllpentem: The Restoration of Wonder in Boethius's Consolation 447 RAABE, PAMELA Chr~tien's Lancelot and the Sublimity of Adultery 259 , ~OSENBERG, AUBREY 'The Mighty Kingdom of Krinke Kesmes': Terra Australis In· cogruta Revisited 376 TENNESSEN, CAROL Nothing But the Truth: The Case of Pierre Riviere 290 TULLY, R.E. Wittgenstein, Russell and the Self 516 WHATLEY, JANET Une rl!v~rence r~ciproque: Huguenot Writing on the New World 270 WILSON, MILTON Reading Locke and New· ton as Literature 471 REVIEWS Bergeron, David M. Shakespeare's Romances and the Ruyal Family (JILL L. LEVENSON) 321 Carroll, William C. The Metamorphoses of Shakespearean Comedy (riLL L. LEVENSON) 321 Delany, Paul The Neo·Pagans: Rupert Brooke and the Ordeal of Youth (MICHAEL L. ROSS) 442 Day, William Patrick In theCircles of Fear and Desire (DAVID GATES) 346 Fynsk, Christopher Heidegger:Thought and Historicity (BERNHARD RADLOFF) 561 Goldman, Michael Acting and Action in Shakespearean Comedy (JILL L. LEVENSON) 321 Graff, Gerald Professing Literature:An Insti· tutiollal History (SHELDON P. ZlTNER) 554 Gustafson, Richard F. Leo Tolstoy: Resident and Stranger: A Study ill Fiction and Theology (CHARLES LOCK) 542 Hawkins, Harriett The Devil's Party (JILL L. LEVENSON) 321 Howard, Jean E. Shakespeare's Art of Orchestration (JILL L. LEVENSON) 321 Kenney, Arthur F., ed Essential Articles for the Study of Sir Philip Sidney (NANCY LlN DHEIM) 439 Kristeva, Julia Soleil noir: depression et meintlcolie (ANNE·MARlE PICARD) 550 570 CONTENTS OF VOLUME 57 Levin, Richard A. Love and Society in Shakespearean Comedy (JILL L. LEVENSON) 321 McGuire, Philip C. Speechless Dialect (JILL L. LEVENSON) )21 Morson, Gary Saul Hidden in Plain View: Narrative and Creative Potentials ill 'War and Peace' (CHARLES LOCI<) 542 Sgard, Jean L'Abbe Prevost (AUBREY ROSENBERG ) 348 Shaw, W. David The Lucid Veil (DONALD S. HAIR) 350 Siemon, James R. Shakespearean Iconoclasm (TILL L. LEVENSON) )21 Struthers, J.R. (Tim), ed The Montreal Story Tellers: Memoirs, Photographs, Critical Essays (OOUGLAS ROLLINS) 443 Summers, Joseph H. Dreams of Love and Power (TnL L. LEVENSON) )21 Sumner, L.W. The Moral Foundation of Rights (JAN NARVESON) 56) van den Berg, Sara J. The Action of Ben Jonson's Poetry (JENNIFER BRADY) 565 "]1 " I I I 1 , . ...


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