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/ UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY Contents of Volume 54, 1984/5 All articles and books reviewed in issues 1-) of volume 54 are listed below. For the material in 'Letters in Canada 1984/ which constitutes issue 4 of the volume, see the 'Index to Books Reviewed: 54'4 (Summer ,<)85), 55'-4· ARTICLES BISHOP, NEIL B. Energie textuelle et production de sens: images de I'energie dans Les Fous de Bassan d'Anne Hebert 178 CRICK, BRIAN 'Mr Peggotty'5 Dream Comes True': Fathers and Husbands; Wives and Daughters )8 DAVIDSON, ARNOLD E. and CATHY N. Crossing Boundaries: Hubert Aquin's L'A"tiphonaire and Robert Kroetsch's Gone Indian as Novels of the Avant-Garde 16) DEL CARD, ADRIAN Towards a Genealogy of an Image: Nietzsche's Achievement According to Nietzsche 234 OILWORTH, THOMAS Sex and the Goddess in the Poetry of David Jones 251 FLAHrFF, F.T. Place and Replacement in Mansfield Park 221 GERRY, THOMAS From the Quakers to the Children of Peace: The Development of David Willson's Mystical Religion 200 HUMMA, JOHN B. James and Fowles: Tradition and Influence 79 LA BOSSIERE, CAMILLE R. On Words and Understanding in Grove's Settlers of the Marsh 148 MACCALLUM, HUGH A.S.P. Woodhouse: Teacher and Scholar 1 MORAN, MARGARET Bertrand Russell's Early Approaches to Literature 56 REIBETANZ, JOHN Lyric Poetry as Self·Possession : Philip Larkin 265 STELZIG, EUGENE L. Poetry and/orTruth: An Essay on the Confessional Imagination 17 WAIT, F.W. The Gigantomachy oEE.}. Pratt 127 REVIEWS Bindman, David William Blake His Art and Times (G.E. BENTLEY, JR) 297 Brady, Kristin The Short Stories of Thomas Hardy (G. GLEN WICKENS) 123 Bromwich, Rachel Dafydd ap Gwilym: A Selection of Poems (DAVID N. KLAUSNER) 284 Omndinn Literature, No. 100 (W,J. KEITH) 219 Carretta, Vincent The Snarling Muse (A.H. DE QUEHEN) 289 Castle, Terry Clarissa's Ciphers (JANET E. AIKINS) 106 Cowley, Robert L.S. Hogarth's Marriage-ALa -Mode (PATRICIA BRUCKMANN) 293 Czyba, Lucette Mythes et ideologiede la femme dans les romans de Flaubert (KRlSTIA NE ZAPPEL) 312 De Rose, Peter and S. W. McGuire A Concordance to the Works ofJane Austen (G.E. BENTLEY, JR) 119 Eagleton, Terry The Rilpe of Clarissa (JANET E. AIKINS) 106 Fowler, Alistair Kinds of Literature (BRIAN CORMAN) 101 Fuller, Elizabeth Ely Milton's Kinesthetic Vision in 'Paradise wst' (PAUL STEVENS) 285 Glen, Heather Vision and Dise,zchantment (JAMES R. BENNElT) 299 Lentricchia, Frank Criticism and Social Change (GREIG E. HENDERSON) 303 556 CONTENTS OF VOLUME 54 Loomis, Richard Morgan Dnfydd ap Gwilym: The Poems (DAVID N. KLAUSNER) 284 Nussbaum, Felicity A. The Brink of All We Have (A,H. DE QUEHEN) 2.89 Shesgreen, Sean Hogarth and the Timesof -the-Day Tradition (PATRICIA BROCKMANN ) 293 Stouck, David Major Canadian Authors (ARNOLD E. DAVIDSON) 217 Thorpe, James John Milton: The Inner Life (PAUL STEVENS) 285 '\ 'I , , ...


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