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UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY Contents of Volume 65, Numbers 2-4, 1995/6 All articles and books reviewed in issues 2-4 of volume 65 are listed below. For the material in 'Letters in Canada 1994/ which constitutes issue 1 of the volume, see the 'Index to Books Reviewed,' 65:1 (Winter 1995), 359-67. ARTICLES ADAMOWSKI, T.H. A Life of Their Own: Lionel and Diana Trilling 632 - The Devil in Disguise 452 AOKI, DOUG The Thing of Culture 404 CUTHBERT, DAVID The Everyday Life of Cultural Studies 393 DUFFY, EDWARD Stanley Cavell's Redemptive Reading: A Philosophical Labour in Progress 561 EMBERLEY, JULIA The Libidinal Politics of Fur 437 FISHER, DOMINIQUE D. Les non-Heux de JeanPhilippe Toussaint: bricol(l)age textuel et rhetorique du neutre 618 GOOD, GRAHAM The Hegemony of Theory 534 GORDON, JOHN The Electrical Hopkins 506 HESLOP, JACKIE Narrating the Subject: Cultural Studies and Postmodernism 376 HOWARD, PATRICIA Time in Entertainments for Queen Elizabeth r: 1590-1602 467 KURTZ, MARTHA A. 'Mock Not': The Problem of Laughter in Richard II584 MCLAUCHLAN, LAURA AND JOAN YOUNG Reading the Rugs of Shelburne County: The Art of Scraps 427 PICKREM, FAYE AND LINDA HUTCHEON Introduction 351 ROGERS, RAYMOND A. Horizons of Significance : Nature and Culture in the Current Environmental Debate 444 RUNTE, ROSEANN Reading Stones: Travels to and in Canada 523 SCHWENGER, PETER Derek Jarman and the Colour of the Mind's Eye 419 SHEPARD, ALAN '0 seditious Citizen of the Physicall Common-Wealth!': Harvey's Royalism and His Autopsy of Old Parr 482 SUSINI, JEAN-CLAUDE Du bon usage de la detresse humaine: les poemes des Fleurs du mal dedies aVictor Hugo 600 WILSON, ANN Cautious Optimism: The Alliance of Women's Studies and Cultural Studies 366 WRIGHT, HANDEL KASHOPE Take Birmingham to the Curb, Here Comes African Cultural Studies: An Exercise in Revisionist Historiography 355 REVIEWS DUFFY, DENNIS Fictions of the Canadian West 558 KEITH, w,J. Living Biography and the Biography of the Living 648 ZIMBARDO, ROSE A. Genre and Generic Change in English Comedy 1660-1710 556 ...


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