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Mechanized Eccentric

hunting for a mana man is capable of doing more worka man of the mentally sluggish typea man who was well suited to his jobthe maximum work that a man could do on a short spurtheavy labor on a first-class manmore narrow or wooden a man

a man holding a hammera man competing with a steam drilla man striking firehammer ring hammer ringhammer my fool self to death

in order to do the work in the quickest time,at what cutting speed shall I run my machine? andwhat feed shall I use?

the pulling power and the speed and feed changes of the machinethe metal-cutting machines demanding appealput new pulleys on the countershaft of the machinethe speed boss sees that the machine is runenable the machine to finish its product

a steel driver that struck steellisten to that cold steelring on the rails [End Page 144]

Scientific Management

a small part can’t functionwithout connecting to anotherit requires interlocking

note it with a stop-watchequipped merely with a stop-watchthousands of stop-watch observationsthrough the use of a stop-watch and record blanksthe man stood over him with a watchthe motion study followed by a minute study with a stop-watcha man equipped merely with a stop-watch

the body is a coginterpreted out of existence

breaking machines in the piece-work warsimilar machines are made over and over againevery element of this machineoutput doubled per machineindependent of work done by the machineten different experimental machines

a series of teeth on the side of a bar or wheelcast as one with itengaging with each otherprecise sense doubtfula great whele wyth many coggesworking trundles with round staveslocked to the surface and each other

“The ‘psychological’ prevents man from being as precise as a stopwatch; it interferes with his desire for kinship with the machine.” (Dziga Vertov) [End Page 145]

Fong Foo v. United States

we submit, sir, that the risk of error or impropriety must be borne

    Fong Foo who lost 15 pounds during the 13 days the outburst of tears

I missed the trail, excuse me, sir

one error     is an attempt to

psychoanalyze what the judge did

                 “I was going to take legal license with Gertrude Stein and say ‘An acquittal is an acquittal is an acquittal,’ sir.”

recommended that they now thrust

                 a radiosonde

                 dropped from a plane by a parachute

as it passes through the air

returns to a receiver by Morse code

the temperature, the humidity, and the pressure of the air

                 embodied the false testing

the judge’s vigilance was particularly provoked

description of a test operation as resulting in spurious marks on a piece of paper

witness explained that spurious meant instantaneous, on the spur of the moment

the judge cautioned the witness

and then, the most important incident arose [End Page 146]

1962. Standard Coil Products Company (with Fong Foo as a codefendant) was accused of defrauding the government in connection with a multimillion dollar contract to supply weather monitoring equipment to the Army Signal Supply Agency. After seven days of what promised to be a long trial, the judge abruptly dismissed the case because of doubts concerning the credibility of the government’s witnesses. Later, the government attempted to retry the case, but attorneys for the corporation claimed that the Fifth Amendment’s statement “nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb” applied to the defendant. The Court’s decision affirmed that corporations were entitled to protection under the double jeopardy clause.

the situation arose which triggered the directed verdict

    triggered on the eighth day, after all this patience and indulgence

     dropped from an airplane

                 a parachute then opens

there is a certain shock at that point

       the parachute then allows the device to float to earth

the False Statements Act

it’s difficult to describe those four or five days

they were...


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