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Index to Books Reviewed Abbey, Lloyd The Antlered Boy 362 Ackerley, Chris, and Lawrence J. Oipper A Companion to 'Under the Volcano' 446 Anctil, Pierre, and Gary Caldwell, eds Juifs et realites juives au Quebec 489 Angel, Leonard The Silence of the Mystic 539 Anhalt, Istvan Alternative Voices ,513 Archambault, Gilles Le Regard oblique 482 Atwood, Margaret Interlunar 348 Ballantyne, Bill The Al Cornell Story 383 Barbaud, Philippe Le Choc des patois en Nouvelle-France 488 Beaulieu, Michel Kaleidoscope 372 Beaulieu, Michel Spells ofFury, trans Arlette Franciere 396 Bedard, Edith, and J. Maurais, eds La Norme linguistique 487 Bednarski, Betty. See Ferron, Jacques Beland, Madeleine Chansons de voyageurs, coureurs de bois et forestiers 515 Binda, Maurizia. See Micone, Marco Blackall, Eric A. The Novels of the German Romantics 501 Blais, Marie-Claire Pierre: La guerre du printemps 81 343 Blais, Marie-Oaire Veiled Countries, trans Michael Harris 393 Borson, Roo The Whole Night, Coming Home 351 Botting, Heather and Gary The Orwellian World ofJehovah's Witnesses 540 Bougaieff, Andre. See Legare, Oement Bourassa, Andre G. Surrealism and Quebec Literature, trans Mark Czarnecki 386 Boursier, Nicole Le Centre et la circonference 452 Bowering, Marilyn The Sunday before Winter 361 Brault, Jacques Moments fragiles 372 Breech, James The Silence ofJesus 541 Brind'Amour, Pierre TheCalendrierromain 402 Brossard, Nicole Double impression 366 Brown, Alan. See Lemelin, Roger Brown, James W. Fictional Meals and Their Function in the French Novel 1789-1848 454 Brunelle, Dorval Socialisme, etatisme et democratie 534 Caldwell, Gary. See Anctil, Pierre Canadian Fiction Magazine 384 Cardinal, Marie The Words to Say It, trans Pat Goodheart 398 Carrier, Roch De l'amour dans la ferraille 339 Carrier, Roch Lady with Chains, trans Sheila Fischman 390 Carter, Robert E. Dimensions ofMoral Education 539 Chabot, Denys Moon Country, trans David Lobdell 392 Chamberlain, Ray. See Collette, Jean-Yves Charlebois, Jean Present! 368 Choquette, Gilbert La Flamme et la forge 338 Cleary, Thomas E. Henry Fielding 413 Oever, Glenn, ed The Sir Charles G.D. Roberts Symposium 438 Oipper, Lawrence J. See Ackerley, Chris Cohen, Matt The Spanish Doctor 332 Collette, Jean-Yves The Death of Andre Breton, trans Ray Chamberlain 387 Collette, Jean Yves Preliminaires 370 Collie, Michael, and Angus Fraser George Borrow 419 Colombo, John Robert Canadian Literary Landmarks 429 Combs, Eugene, ed Modernity and Responsibility 540 Conlon, Pierre M. Le Siecle des Lumieres 458 Czarnecki, Mark. See Bourassa, Andre G. Daoust, Jean-Paul Taxi 369 Davis, Elizabeth Graham Greene 424 de Bellefeuille, Normand Le Livre du devoir 365 552 INDEX TO BOOKS REVIEWED Dempster, Barry Real Places and Imaginary Men 321 Dery, Francine Le Noyau 367 Dionne, Rene, ed Le Quebecois et sa litterature 474 Dorland, Michael. See Wees, William Doyle, James North of America 431 Duval, Andre Place Jacques-Cartier 464 Ecrire l'amour 492 Ellipse 398 Ellis, Keith Cuba's Nicolas Guillen 504 Estuaire, no. 32 -3 375 Etudes litteraires 479 Evans, Gary John Grierson and the National Film Board 523 Fairley, Barker Selected Essays on German Literature, ed Rodney Symington 498 Fairley, Barker Wild Geese 362 Falck, Robert, and Timothy Rice, eds Crosscultural Perspectives on Music 517 Farmiloe, Dorothy Isabella Valancy Crawford 435 Feldman, Seth, ed Take Two 527 Ferron, Jacques Selected Tales, trans Betty Bednarski 389 Findley, Timothy Dinner along the Amazon 328 Findley, Timothy Not Wanted on the Voyage 330 Fischman, Sheila. See Carrier, Roch, and Tremblay, Michel Fitzgerald, Judith Beneath the Skin of Paradise 356 Flamand, Jacques Pape et pasteur 540 Forest, Jean Des Femmes de Balzac 455 Franciere, Arlette. See Beaulieu, Michel Fraser, Angus. See Collie, Michael Fraser, Graham Le Parti quebecois 529 Furberg, Jon Anhaga 361 Gagnon, Madeleine La Lettre inftnie 364 Gallant, Mavis What Is To Be Done? 378 Gallop, David Parmenides of Elea 401 Gemar, Jean-Claude Les Trois etats de la politique linguistique du Quebec 487 Geraets, Theodore F, ed Hegel 540 Gerols, Jacqueline Le Roman quebecois en France 469 Girard, Marc Les Psaumes (vol 1) 547 Godbout, Jacques Le Murmure marchand 480 Goodheart, Pat. See Cardinal, Marie Grant, John Webster Moon of Wintertime 541 Gray, J.c., ed Mirror up to Shakespeare 405 Grove, Frederick Philip Fanny Essler 440 Guilbaut, Serge How New York Stole the Idea ofModern Art...


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