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414 LETTERS IN CANADA 1984 The sheer amount of learning is bound to create problems for a reader, even for one who is close to the material. I have no answer for this problem, but some of the issues might, I think, have been divided so that a reader could reflect on these and on Fielding's place in these. I missed Cleary at times when he develops the historical background against which he wants to see his author. But these are minor points in a volume that will be useful for many years. Some of his readings will be disputed, but that comment in itself will tell readers how carefully he has read texts. (PATRICIA BRUCKMANN) Peter Sabor. Horace Walpole: A Reference Guide G.K. Hall. xxvii, 270. $39.00 On receiving this 'first bibliography of writings on Horace Walpole' for review, I turned immediately, since the arrangement is chronological, to 1972, to see what digest of my doctoral thesis had been written. Nothing. So I sighed and turned to 1976 to see what Sabor had to say about my two articles published in that year on Walpole's involvement in the architecture of Hagley Hall and The Vyne. Not a word. With mounting disbelief I turned to 1982, the date of the biographical entry I had written for the Macmillan Encyclopedia ofArchitects. There is no mention of it. Now what kind of a reference guide is this, that is apparently ignorant of some of the more important recent contributions to its subject? My verdict is thatit is very good but that a little care would have made it much better. It is a most useful compilation that eighteenth-century students will wish to have, and the compilerand publishers are to be congratulated for having supplied a need that has long been felt for just such a work. The arrangement of the entries is quite clear, since it is alphabetical by author under the year of publicaion, the layout is thoughtfully considered , and the two indexes, of authors and subjects, make it a finely tuned instrument of reference. Its most glaring weakness is its coverage of the history of art, a near-fatal flaw in a reference guide to the writings related to the founding father of the subject for the English-speaking world. The most accessible edition of the Anecdotes of Painting in England, for instance, the reprint published in New York in 1969, is not listed. The exhibition held in Richmond in 1980 is mentioned, but there are no entries for those held in Bath in 1972 and in Brighton in 1975. Major interpretations of Walpole's role in the Gothic Revival by Frankl in 1960 and Germann in 1972 find no mention, nor does Harris's publication of Walpole's architectural drawings in 1971. Pevsner's rather brilliantessay of interpretation, J Good King james's Gothic,' though reprinted in 1968, is omitted, and he is not credited with item 1945.9, which is listed without an author's name. HUMANITIES 415 Lewis's definitive article, 'The Genesis of Strawberry Hill,' should be dated 1936, not 1934. It is not as definitive as Sabor thinks, since Lewis helped me to correct it in 1972 and the results have been incorporated, as the catalogue made clear, in the exhibition of 1980 and have seen publication also in Pevsner and Cherry, London 2: South (The Buildings of England), though this may have been too recent for inclusion (1983, reprinted 1984). Many other omissions canbe cited and Ihave not entered into detail out of pique at the neglect of my own writings, since I am in such splendid company, but to demonstrate how deep and wide is the flaw of this compilation in respectof a major aspect ofWalpolean commentary. And I have to point out that this could have been avoided by the compiler. All these works are listed and cross-referenced in the Lewis Walpole Library in Farmington, Connecticut, upon the staff-members and the holdings of which this compilation principally depends, as Sabor acknowledges. He teaches moreover in Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, which is better supplied with professors of English art and architecture than any universityin the...


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