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Index to Books Reviewed Adgar Le Gracial, ed. Pierre Kunstmann 453 Alford, Edna A Sleep Full of Dreams 316 Archambault, Gilles One for the Road, trans David Lobdell )89 Arnason, David 50 Stories )17 Asals, Frederick Flannery O'Connor 449 Avery, Martin Cottage Gothic 316 Avison, Margaret Winter Sun I The Dumbfounding 343 Baguley, David Bibliographie de 10 critiql ~ sur Emile lola, 1971- 1980 461 Bailey, Alfred Miramichi Lightning 356 Ballil), Michael, ed D.H. LAwrence's 'Women in Love' 438 Barbour, Douglas, and Stephen Scobie The Pirates of Pen's Chance 351 barclay, byma summer of the hungry pup J18 Barfoot, Joan Dancing in the Dark )26 Bauer, Nancy Flora, Write This Down ) 21 Beardsley, Doug Kissing the Body of My Lord 356 Beaulieu, Victor-Levy los Connaisant, trans Ray Chamberlain 395 Beausoleil, Claude Dans Ia matiere revant comme d'une emeute 359 Bergeron, Leandre The Quebecois Dictionary 396; 535 Bernstein, William, and Ruth Cawker Contemporary Canadian Architecture 550 Birdsell, Sandra Night Travellers )16 Bissell, Claude The Young Vincent Massey 479 Blais, Marie-Claire Visions d'Amla au Ie vertige 337 Bolduc, Yves Alain Grandbois 525 Boucher, Denise The Fain'es Are Thirsty, trans Alan Brown 394 Boucher, Jean-Pierre Therese 340 Bowering, George West Window )50; A Way with Words 501 Bowering, Marilyn Giving Back Diamonds 350 Braswell, Laurel Nichols Western Manuscripts 403 Brennan, Pegeen Zarkeen J19 Brewster, Elizabeth Digging In 357; The Way Home )57 Bringhurst, Robert The Beauty of the Weapons 347 Brome, Alexander Poems, ed Roman R. Dubinski 413 Brossard, Nicole Picture Theory 341 Brouillet, Chrystine Chere voisine )40 Brown, Alan, See Boucher, Denise; Roy, Gabrielle Byfield, Jacques Forever JJ 320 Les Cahiers de recherches en science de In religion 582 Callaghan, Bany The Black Queen Stories 324; see Marteau, Robert Cameron, Elspeth, ed Hugh MacLennan '<}82 489 Caplan, Usher Like One That Dreamed 492; see Klein, A.M. Carman, Bliss. See Gundy, H. Pearson Caron, Louis La Corne de brume 3)2 Carrier, Roch Le Cirque nair )83 Caza, Lorraine LA vie voyagere 575 Chamberlain, Ray. See Beaulieu, VictocLevy Chanel-Malenfant, Paul Le Mot amot 36) Charlebois, Jean La Mour - La Mort )61 Charron, Fran<;ois fA Passion d'autonomie 505; route parole m'tblouira 362 Clark, Joan From a High Thin Wire 317 Claxton, Patricia, See Kattan, Nairn Colbert, Fran~ois Le Marcht quebecois dll thedtre )84 Coles, Don The PrinulOrn Col/ection 346 588 INDEX TO BOOKS REVIEWED Collins, Thomas J. See Pettigrew, John Comeau, Paul-Andre Le Bloc populaire, 1942-1948 570 Conacher, D.}. Prometheus Bound 397 Cousineau, Jacques L'Eglise d'ici et Ie social 580 Culien, Michael Goodnight, Sammy Wong 321 Cyr. Gilles Diminution d'une piece 369 Dagenais, AngeJe Crise de croissance 527 Darby, Tom The Feast 56) Davey, Frank Capitalistic Affection! 352 Decker, Ken Backyard Gene Pool 316 Desroches, Roger L'/magination tarque 359 di Cicco, Pier Giorgio Flying Deeper into the Century 35) Dick, Susan. See Woolf, Virginia Doyle, Mike A Steady Hand 349 Dube, Marcel Zone, adapted Aviva Ravel 3'16 Dulle, Martin. See Kunstmann, Pierre Dubinski, Roman R. See Brame, Alexander Ducharme, Alfred Une dynamique communautaire de la fo; 575 Duffy, Dennis Gardens, Covennnts, Exiles 475 Dumont, Fernand, Jean Hamelin, and Jean-Paul Montminy, eds Ideologies au Canada franfais 505 Dumont, Femand, and Yves Martin, eds lmaginaire sociale et representations collectives 505 Dumont, Fernand, and Jacques Racine, eds Situation et avenir du cafholicisme quebecois 580 Dumont, Micheline, Michele Jean, Marie Lavigne, and Jennifer Stoddart L'His~ toire des femmes au Quebec 568 Duval, Germaine Par Ie chemin du raj 576 Edwards, Caterina The Lion's Mouth 321 Elliott, Lorris Coming for to Carry 319 Emerson, Roger L. , Gilles Girard, and Roseann Runte, eds Man and Nature 416 Engel, Howard Murder on Location 326 Epp, Frank H. Mennonites in Canada 576 Ethier-Blais, Jean Les Pays etrangers 335 Fabry, Anne Srabian de Jeux de mirairs 460 Favreau, Marc Je m'egalomane d moimeme 382 Fawcett, Brian My Career with the Leafs )17; Aggressive Transport 352 Felx, Jocelyne L'Orpailleuse 368 Fischman, Sheila. See Hebert, Anne Fitch, Brian T. The Narcissistic Text 465 Francreur, Lucien Rockeurs sanctifies )67 Fraser, John America and the Patterns of Chivalry 447 Fraser, Keath Taking Cover )18 Frye, Northrop Divisions on a Ground 470 Gagnon, Madeleine Autographies I )68 Garrard, Jim Cold Comfort 377 Gedge, Pauline Stargate 325 Gerber, Douglas E. Pindar's Olympian One 398 Gervais, C.H. Into a Blue Morning 353 Gibson, Graeme Perpetual Motion 327 Giguere, Richard, ed Reception critique de textes litteraires qutbecois 51) Girard, Gilles. See Emerson, Roger L. Goldschlager, Alain Simone Weil et Spinoza 565 Govier, Katherine Going through the Motions 326 Grace, Sherrill E. The Voyage That Never Ends 488 Grady, Wayne, ed Penguin Book of Canadian Short Stories )22 Gray, John Billy Bishop Goes to War )75 Gundy, H. Pearson, ed Letters of Bliss Cannan 473 Gustafson, Ralph Gradations of Grandeur 346 Hagarty, Britt Sad Paradise 326 Halewood, William H. Six Subjects of Reformation Art 411 Hamelin, Jean. See Dumont, Fernand Harrison, Keith Dead Ends 319 Hayman, John, ed Johu Ruskin: Letters from the Continent 427 Heath, Jeffrey The Picturesque Prison 445 Hebert, Anne Les Fous de Bassan 338; Heloise, trans Sheila Fischman 39) Helvetius Correspondance generate, ed David Smith et al 459 Helwig, David It Is Always Summer 329; The Rain Falls like Rain )48 Herz, Judith Scherer, and Robert K. Martin, eds E.M. Forster 441 Hinz, Evelyn J., ed Beyond Nationalism 486 Hollingshead, Greg Famous Players 316 Homel, David. See Lalonde, Robert; Marteau, Robert; No Big Deal Hood, Hugh Black and White Keys 328 Hughes, Andrew Medieval Manuscripts for Mass and Office 582 Hume, David Sister Peg, ed David R. Raynor 419 Huston, James Repertoire national, ed Robert Melan~on 516 Jasmin, Claude L'Armoire de Panta· gruel 339 Jeffery, Lawrence Clay 378 Joachim, Sebastien Le Negre dans Ie roman blanc 468 Johns, Ted The Death of the Donnellys 376 Johnson, Lee M. Wordsworth's Metaphysical Verse 422 Jones, David Barker Movies and Memor· anda 544 KaHan, Nai"m The Neighbour, trans Judith Madley and Patricia Claxton 392 Keams, Lionel Ignoring the Bomb 351 Keeling, Nora The Driver )17 Kevan, Martin Racing Tides )18 Kinsella, W.P. Shoeless Joe 327 Kirwin, W.J. See Story, G.M. Kleiman, Carol Sean O'Casey's Bridge of Vision 437 Klein, A.M. Beyond Sambation, ed Steinberg and Caplan 492 Kunstmann, Pierre, and Martin Dube Concordance anafytique de La Mort Ie roi Artu 451 Kunstmann, Pierre. See Adgar Labbe, Josette Jean·Pierre, mon homme, ma mere 339 Laforte, Conrad Survivances medievafes dans fa chanson fo1kfonque 454 Lafortune, Ambroise Dieu errit droit 576 Lalonde, Mich~le, and Denis Moniere Cause commune 505 Lalonde, Robert Le Demier EU des indiens 339; Sweet Madness, trans David Homel 388 Lambert, Betty Jennie's Story 371 Lane, Patrick Old Mother 354 Laquerre, Raymond, and Pierre Lavoie Repertoire analytique de {'activitt theatrale au Quebec 385 Larrue, JeanMMarc Le Theatre aMontreal a la fin du XIXe siecle 527 Latourelle, Rene, and Gerald O'Collins, eds Problemes el perspectives de thtologie fondamentale 582 Lavoie, Pierre. See Laquerre, Raymond Layton, Aviva Nobody's Daughter 319 Layton, Irving A Wild Peculiar Joy 343 Lecker, Robert On the Line 500 Leduc·Park, Ren~e R~jean Ducharme 523 Lefebvre, Claire La Syntaxe comparee du fran~ais standard et du fran~ais popu· mire 538 Lemelin, Roger Le Crime d'Ovide Plouffe }}4 Lemieux, Vincent Personnel et parris politiques au Quebec 566 Lemire, Maurice, ed Dictionnaire des reuvres lilteraires du Quebec 520 Lennox, John. See Thomas, Clara LePan, Douglas Something Still to Find 353 L'Heureux, Rejean Vocabulaire du moulin traditionnel au Quebec 535 Lindheim, Nancy The Structures of Sidney'S 'Arcadia' 407 Lobdell, David. See Archambault, Gilles; Maheux·Forcier, Louise; Turgeon, Pierre Longchamps, Renaud Anticorps, poemes 1972- 1978 359 MacDonell, Margaret The Emigrant Ex· perience 548 MacEwen, Gwendolyn Earth·Light 349; The T.E. LAwrence Poems 349 Maclean, Sally·Beth Chester Art 406 MacLeod, Jack Going Grand )25 McMullen, Lorraine, ed The Ethel Wilson Symposium 496 McNeil, Florence The Overlanders 356 Macpherson, Jay The Spirit of Solitude 420 McWhirter, George Coming to Grips with Lucy }2} Madley, Judith. See KaHan, Nairn Maheux·Forcier, Louise Letter by Letter, trans David Lobdell 392 Maillard, Keith Cutting Through )29 Maillet, Antonine ?tlagie, trans Philip Stratford )86 Major, Ginette Le Cinema queMcois 505 Marchessault, Jovette La Terre est trap courte 381; Lettre de Califomie 367 Marker, Lise·Lone, and Frederick J. Marker lngmar Bergman 561 Marteau, Robert Interlude, trans Barry Callaghan }96 590 INDEX TO BOOKS REVIEWED Marteau, Robert Mont Royal, trans David Homel396 Martin, Robert J. See Herz, Judith Scherer Martin, Yves, See Dumont, Fernand Massa, Isaac Abrahamszoon A Short History of These Present Wars in Moscow, trans G. Edward Orchard 560 Melan~on, Robert. See Huston, James Metcalf, John Kicking against tile Pricks 482 Metcalf, John, ed Making It New 322 Millgate, Michael Thomas Hardy 429 Mitchell, W.O. Dramatic 374 Moniere, Denis. See Lalonde, Michele Monk, Patricia The Smaller Infinity 498 Montminy, Jean-Paul. See Dumont, Fernand Moss, John A Reader's Guide to the Canadian Novel 481 Munro, Alice The Moons of Jupiter 324 Munro, Jane Daughters 350 Musgrave, Susan Tarts and Muggers 356 Newman, Jay Foundations of Religious Tolerance 578 nichol, bp Continental Trance 352; The Martyrology V 352 Niederauer, David J. Pierre Louys 464 Niosi, Jorge Les Multinationales canadiennes 571 No Big Deal, trans David Homel 396 N6mez, Nafn, ed Chilean Literature in Canada 541 Norris, Ken, and Peter van Tom, eds The Insecurity of Art 397 Nowlan, Alden I might not tell everybody this 357 O'Driscoll, Robert, ed The Celtic Consciousness 431 Olson, Theodore Millenialism, Utopianism , and Progress 578 Ondaa~e, Michael Running in the Family 330 Orchard, G. Edward. See Massa, Isaac Abrahamszoon Orrell, John Fallen Empires 478 Paci, Frank Black Madonnn 325 Paper Wheat 375 Parsons, D.S.J. Roy Campbell 444 Perrault, Pierre La Bete lumineuse 546 Peti~ean, Ll!on, and Henri Rollin Aurore {'enfant martyre 383 Pettigrew, John (with Thomas J. Collins), ed Robert Brawniltg: The Poems 425 Piche, Alphonse Demier profil 365 Pontbriand, Jean Noel Ephemerides 364 Possibles 505 Poupart, Jean-Marie Retroviseurs 341 Proulx, Serge, and Pierre Valli~res Changer de societe 572 Racine, Jacques. See Dumont, Femand rahmani, geraldine blue 320 Ravel, Aviva. See Dutle, Marcel Raynor, David R. See Hume, David Reiss, Timothy J. The Discourse of Modemism 553 Renaud, Rosario Le Diocese de Siichcnv 576 Richard, Andrea Les Voies spirituelles 575 Ringwood, Gwen Pharis Collected Plays 372 Roberts, Kevin Flash Harry )17 Rollin, Henri. See Petitjean, Leon Ronfard, Jean-Pierre LA Mandragore )79 Rooke, Leon The Birth Control King of the Upper Volla 323 Rosenberg, Ann Bee Book 320 Rosta, Helen In the Blood )17 Roy, Gabrielle Fragile Lights of Earth, trans Alan Brown 394 Runte, Roseann. See Emerson, Roger L. Ryga, George A Letter to My Son 374 Ryga, George Two Plays 374 Saddlemyer, Ann, ed Theatre Business 434 Scobie, Stephen. See Barbour, Douglas Scott, Chris Antichthon 327 Scott, Gail Spare Parts 316 Shields, Carol A Fairly Conventional Woman )27 Sigouin, Gerard Theatre /?11 lutte 527 Skvorecky, Josef The Swell Season 3)1 Smith, David. See Helvetius Smith, Marion B. Casque to Cushion 40<) Smyth, Donna Quilt 319 Snukal, Sherman Perfect Plastic and The Whispering Time 378 Socken, P.G. Concordance de 'Bonheur d'occasion' 522 SOllster, Raymond Collected Poems III )50 Steinberg, W.W. See Klein, A.M. Story, C.M., W.I. Kh'Win, and I.D.A. Widdowson, eds Dictionary of New· foundland English 50) Stratford, Philip. See Maillet, Antonine Summers, Merna Calfing Home 323 Taylor, Charles RndicaJ Tories 477 Theoret, France Nous parlerons comllle on tcrit 341 INDEX TO BOOKS REVIEWED 591 Thomas, Clara, and John Lennox William Arthur Deacon 485 Torgov, Morley The Outside Chance of Maxmillian Glick 326 Tougas, G~rard Destin Utteraire du Quebec 516 Toulet, Suzanne Le Tourment de Dieu dans I'ceuvre autobiographique de Julien Green 467 Tremblay, Michel La Duchesse et Ie roturier 333 Tromiy, Annette The Cover of the Mask 424Trudeau , OanielJe Uandre et son pecht 535 Turcotte, Elise Dans Ie delta de In nuit 364 Turgeon, Pierre The First Person, trans David Lobdell 391 Tyson, Brian The Story of Shaw's 'St. Joan' 435 Uguay, Marie Autoportrait 365 Urbanyi, Pablo The Nowhere Idea 541 Vaillancourt, Jean-Guy Essais d'ecasociologie 574 Valdes, Mario J. Shadows in the Cave 555 Vanderhaege, Guy Man Descending 318 van Torn, Peter. See Norris, Ken Villemaire, Yolande Adrenaline 359 Waddington, Miriam Summer at Lonely Beach 316 Wagg, Susan Percy Erskine Nobbs 552 Walker, Douglas C. Dictionnaire inverse de I'ancien franr;ais 456; An Introduction to Old French Morphophonology 456 Walker, john, ed The Scottish Sketches of R.B. Cunninghame Graham 44) Wallace, Robert, and Cynthia Zimmerman , eds The Work 370 Warden, john, ed Orpheus 401 Webb, Phyllis Selected Poems 345 Welch, Cyril The Art of Art Works 558 Whitman, F.H. Old English Riddles 404 Whyte, jon Homage, Henry Kelsey 356 Widdowson, J.D.A. See Story, G.M. Woolf, Virginia To the Lighthouse, ed Susan Dick 440 Wright, L.R. The Favorite 326 Wright, Richard B. The Teacher's Daughter 326 Wyatt, Rachel Foreign Bodies )27 Wynne Jones, Tim The Knot )26 Young, David Incognito )30 Yvon, Josee Danseuses Mame/ouk )67 Zend, Robert Beyond Labels 351 Zimmerman, Cynthia. See Wallace, Robert Zola, Emile Correspondance Tome [I, ed B.H. Bakker 461; Tome Ill, ed Alain Pages et Albert J. Salvan 46) ...


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