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  • An Old Anxiety
  • Don Russ (bio)

An Old Anxiety

For us under the ridge the sun sets early. But we are ready, a little fire popping in its circle of rocks. The wine is poured and Izzy pounces among the reeds. Frogs plop into the pond.

With friends again, road-tired but comfortable in a lawn chair, I say to them: I’m happy. This dog, this Isabel of yours, is happy. Even these frawgs, do you think? Brent and Angela always laugh at my liking to say frawg, and agree.

We who know the sun sets early also know that all of it—early, late, the coming up, the going down—is for us, for our convenience, who need to see a world remade for us. Who—now alone— once said a night-sky’s milky stream forever flowed from Hera’s breast. It’s an old anxiety, something we can’t help. In a galaxy what’s up or down? In all eternity, a calendar or clock? In a devouring womb of stars, a love song’s lamentation? [End Page 155]

Don Russ

Don Russ’s poem “Girl with Gerbil” appeared in The Best American Poetry 2012. He publishes regularly and widely in literary magazines and is the author of Dream Driving (Kennesaw State UP) and the chapbook Adam’s Nap (Billy Goat P).



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