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  • en route to the Food Lion to pick up bread
  • Zach Mueller (bio)

en route to the Food Lion to pick up bread

a song reassures that eating fish is okay in a past fashion I would give communion

an opportunity for every dog has his day rather my business is a craving so far

nostalgia for water like blood I was taught never apologize for good posture

in private every day has his dog on part the sale on blueberries is salient

for panic my dad says the world will end when Neil Young finally dies the day

slips away upon checkout not half rational fears of living through war

will die one day and I won’t be able to take anything with me but the dog

goes hungry my mom asks when I get home why do you act like you’re living proof? [End Page 126]

Zach Mueller

Zach Mueller’s poetry is forthcoming in Gulf Coast and Jasper. He loves Boris Ryzhy, Junot Diaz, and Picasso and is currently reading The Watchmen and Zadie Smith. He writes, reads, and teaches in Columbia, South Carolina.



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