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  • Waterboy
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for Taylor

Waterboy sprung from the sea, return whenever you feel a longing for something luminous you cannot name. When turtles swim through your sleep follow them into the deep, though it is dark and difficult diving into those places of multiplying silence.

Because your home was built on a narrow mound of sand held down by wandering vines, where turtles dig deep holes into the dunes for nests, the eggs they will abandon with blind hope and the kind of faith we all hunger for, return with flipper and wing, scales that sparkle near the sun-lit surface of the sea, to float beneath a blur of clouds, letting black sand spill slowly from your opening hands. [End Page 85]

Marjory Wentworth

Marjory Wentworth’s books of poetry include Noticing Eden, Despite Gravity, and The Endless Repetition of an Ordinary Miracle. She is the cowriter with Juan Mendez of Taking a Stand: The Evolution of Human Rights and the author of the children’s story Shackles. She is the poet laureate of South Carolina.



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