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  • Orphan Supper, and: Sunday Afternoons with Father
  • Carroll Beauvais (bio)

Orphan Supper

Fast-food fried chicken over the sink for the third night in a row.

The dish pile grows.

My mom will never make me soup again, but I keep collecting bones.

I add the femur to her freezer bag of bones.

Sunday Afternoons with Father

He walks through the door in dirty clothes and asks if I know how to smoke crack.

I drink coffee at the breakfast table, hungover. He bounces from foot to foot,

says the rock gets really hot, so does the pipe. I light a cigarette. Stare at the linoleum.

He tells me it’s easy to make a pipe from the glass tubes [End Page 83]

of fake roses in gas stations, the bp on the corner sells them cheap.

I flip pages of the TV Guide, attempt apathy. But he’s not giving up:

You have to be careful when you hold the pipe because it gets so hot so fast, you know?

(I know a skilled stillness, the want to slip away.)

I take a drag off my cigarette. He smiles, says it’s not easy, it takes practice.

I nod, ash into an empty can. [End Page 84]

Carroll Beauvais

Carroll Beauvais is a 2012 “Discovery”/Boston Review Poetry Prize semifinalist. Her work has appeared in the Collagist, Bateau, and elsewhere.



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