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  • stop-&-frisk, and: Transubstantiation, and: bent on
  • Kevin Simmonds (bio)


-&-what-does-it-take-to-cooperate--shrink-into-an-apology-turn-over-your-body-turn-out-your-pockets-be-a-right-answer-to-questions -they-choose-be-chosen


for Rachelle Ferrell Nothing composed except the song your mouth stays sieged

Never afraid to rummage the plain thing until it ascends called out

& sung

I need three stanzas you a note [End Page 26]

bent on

    if the hand offend thee cut it off     son as appendage batty boy     my father yes     a man’s man     not bent like father     the sissy he tries forgetting     as a man thinkethso is he     I don’t calm myself that way     when he says he can’t love me this way I take that     to mean The sissy in you     I gave to youThat way you are     I craveThat way you are     bend to it [End Page 27]

Kevin Simmonds

Kevin Simmonds is a writer and musician based in San Francisco. He has received grants and commissions from the Pulitzer Center, Fulbright Program, Creative Work Fund, and San Francisco Arts Commission. His books include Mad for Meat and Collective Brightness: LGBTIQ Poets on Faith, Religion & Spirituality.



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