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Index to Books Reviewed Allen, Robert Hawryliw Process 7 Arcand, Bernard. See Vincent, Sylvie Archambault, Gilles The Umbrella Pines, trans David Lobdell 88 Amason, David March Burning 32 Audet, Noel Quand la voile faseille 25 Baker, Jeffrey Time and Mind in Wordsworth 's Poetry 123 Beaulieu, Victor-Levy A Quebecois Dream, trans Ray Chamberlain .,s Beausoleil, Claude Au milieu du corps "attraction s'insinue 46 Belisle, Louis-Alexandre Dictionnaire nordamerica ;" de la langue fran~ise 195 Bergeron, Leandre Dictionnaire de lo. langue quebecoise 198 Bersianik, Louky Maternative 52 Bevis, Richard The uwghing Tradition 112 Silan, RP. The Literary Criticism of F.R. Leavis 137 bissett, bill Beyond Even Faithful Legends 39 Blais, Marie-Oaire Le Sourd dansla ville 21 Blissett, William, ed Editing Illustrated Books 100 Blouin, Louise. See Page, Pierre Boily, Raymond Les lrlandais et Ie carUll Lachine 219 Boismenu, Gerard, Laurent Mailhot et Jacques Rouillard Le Quebec en textes 221 Boisvert, Yves Simulacre dictatoriel 54 Boogie, Laurence L. See Condillac, Etienne Bonnet de Boulby, Mark Karl Philipp Moritz 150 BourHer, Kay Marcel Proust et I'architecture 145 Bowering, George Particular Accidents 39 Bowering, Marilyn Sleeping with Lambs 33 Brady, Carolee Winter Lily 4 Brochmann, Elizabeth What's the Matter Girl? 4 Brochu, Andre, et Gilles Marcotte La Litterature et Ie reste 175 Brossard, Nicole Amantes 43; Daydream Mechanics, trans Larry Shouldice 91; Le Sens apparent 43; Les Strategies du reel I The Story So Far 6 77 Brown, AJan. See Roy, Gabrielle Burke, Martyn Laughing War 4 Byrnes, Terence Wintering Over 2 Callaghan, Barry. See Marteau, Robert Caron, Louis The Draft Dodger, trans David Toby Homel 8) Carrier, Roch La Celeste Bicyclette 72 Chamberland, Paul Terre souveraine 50 Chamberlin, Ray. See Beaulieu, Vidor-Levy Charlebois, Gaetan Altola 59 Charlebois, Jean Plaine lune et corps fou 46 Charlton, Brian Angel & the Bear 6 Christian, William. See Innis, Harold Adams Clements, Patricia, and Juliet Grindle, eds The Poetry ofThomas Hardy 126 Clifford, Wayne An Ache in the Ear 38 Cogswell, Fred A Long Apprenticeship 29 Coleridge, Samuel Taylor MIlrgirUllia 1, ed George Whalley 119 Condillac, Etienne Bonnot de Les Monades, ed Laurence L. BoI).gie 143 COte, Lili Ellipse.en mbnoire 50 Czarnecki, Mark. See Major, Andre Daigle, Jean Le Mal d ['lime 71 Davey, Frank The Arches 39 David, Jack. See Lecker, Robert Davies, Robertson The Enthusiasms ofRobertson Davies, ed Judith Skelton Grant 166 de Bellefeuille, Normand Dans ia conversation et la diction des monstres 45 Delisle, Jeanne-Mance Un reel ben beau, ben triste 73 Dery, Francine Un train bulgare 45 INDEX TO BOOKS REVIEWED 243 Desautels, Denise La Promeneuse et l'oiseau 46 Deschamps, Nicole Le Mythe de Maritz Chapdelaine 185 des Marchais, Gilles Demai" d'hier {'antan 50 Desruisseaux, Pierre lei la parole jusqu'a mes yeux 53 de Tremaudin, A.H. Histoire de la Nation metisse dans rOuest canadien 204 DOf, Georges Poemes et chansons 47 Doyle, Charles, ed William Carlos Williams '40 Dudek, Louis Cross-Section 39 Dutka, JoAnna Music in the English Mystery Plays 105 Eggleston, Wilfrid Literary Friends 157 Ellipse (nos 23-4) ;>8 Ellis, David. See Marteau, Robert Epps, Bernard Pilgarlic the Death 4 Erickson, John D., et In~ne Pages Proust et Ie texle producteur 194 Etudes Litteraires (no 13:3) 74 Evans, Donald Faith, Authenticity, and Morality 211, 229 Felx, Jocelyne Les Feuillets embryonnaires 53 Fennario, David Balconville 59 Filion, Jean-Paul Cap Tourmente 25 Finch, Robert Variations and Theme 34 Fox, Gail In Search of Living Things 33 Freiberg, Stanley Nightmare Tales 2 French, David Jitters 62 Frye, Northrop Creation and Recreation 95 Geddes, Gary Conrad's Later Novels 132 Gelinas, Gratien Les Fridolinndes, 1945 et '946 68; Tit-Coq 68 Godin, Jean-Cleo, et Laurent Mailhot The4tre quebicois II 74, 182 Goetz-Stankiewicz, Marketa The Silenced Theatre 153 Gom, Leona LAnd of the Peace )2Gose , Elliott B. The Transformation Process in Joyce's Ulysses 133 Graham, Victor E., and W. McAllister Johnson The Royal Tour of France try Charles IX and Catherine de' Medici 141 Grant, Judith Skelton. See Davies, Robertson Gray, J.M. Thro' the Vision of the Night 125 Grindle, Juliet. See Clements, Patricia Grosskurth, Phyllis Havelock El1is: A Biography 129 Gustafson, Ralph Landscape with Rain...


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