Many scholars commenting on Dominus Iesus have assumed that Judaism, from the perspective of the Catholic Church, is seen simply as one among the many "non-Christian religions," which Dominus Iesus deems to be "gravely deficient." But Judaism, as a response to divine revelation, is theologically for the Church in a category all of its own. For Judaism represents the faith of Abraham in the One God of Israel, and the Jewish People, no less than Christians, have been and are called by God to be the "People of God." This very serious, biblically based viewpoint has emerged since the Second Vatican Council in numerous documents of the magisterium, for example in the recent report of the Pontifical Biblical Commission (PBC), which appeared long after Dominus Iesus. The fact that Dominus Iesus does not comment on Judaism, one way or the other, cannot be taken to mean that its framers meant to slight it. The work on the development of a theology of Judaism is not affected one way or the other by Dominus Iesus.

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