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Index to Books Reviewed Agius, D.A. See Savory, R.M. Allen, Prudence The Concept of Woman -84 L'Annuaire tMOtral 186 Atwood, Margaret The Handmnid's Tale 12 Ballstadt. Carl, Elizabeth Hopkins, and Michael Petennan, eds Susanna Moodie 164 Barbeau, Jean Le Grand Poueet 69 Beaudry, Johanne Zelda 71 Beaulieu, Michel Kaleidoscope au les Alias du corps grave 46 Beaulieu, Victor-Levy Monsieur Melville, trans Ray Chamberlain 'J6 Beaulieu, Victor-Levy Steven Ie hbault 25 Beausoleil, Claude Lts Uvres parlent 193 Beausoleil, Claude S'inscrit sous Ie del gris en graphiques de feu 53 Belanger, Marcel Strafes 49 Bell, D.G., ed Newlight Baptist Journals of James Manning and James Innis 26-; Bertrand, Oaudine Memory 59 Bietenholz, Peter, and Thomas B. Deutscher, eds Contemporaries of Erasmus (A-E) 87 Binns, Ronald Malcolm Lowry 167 Birney, Earle Essays on Chnucerian Irony, ed Beryl Rowland 93 bissett, bill Camuia Gees Mate for Ufe 40 Blais, Marie-Claire Anna's World, trans Sheila Fischman 73 Block, W., G. Brennan, and K. Elzinga, eds Morality and the Market 268 Bombardier, Denise Une enfance al'eau Mnite 18 Bonenfant, Joseph, et 121 A l'ombre de DesRochers 217 Borson, Roo, and Kim Maltman The Transparence of NavemberlSnow 32 Bouchard, Michel-Marc LA Contre-nature de Chrysippe Tanguay 70 Bouchard, Michel-Marc LA Poupee de Pi/apia 'JO Bowering, George Seventy-One Poems for People 44 Boyd, Maurice A Louer's Quarrel with the World, ed Ian Hunter 2&; Brault, Jacques Agonie 27 Brault, Jacques fragile moments, trans Bany Callaghan 78 Brennan, G. See Block, W. Brewster, Elizabeth Selected Poems 1977-1984 43 Brochu, Andre L'Evasion tragique 195 Bronte, Charlotte The Poems of Charlotte Bronte, ed Victor A. Neufeldt 106 Bronte, Charlotte Villette, ed Herbert Rosengarten and Margaret Smith 106 Brooke, Frances The History of Emily Montague, ed Mary Jane Edwards 163 Brossard, Nicole Domaine d'lcriture 59 Brossard, Nicole Mauve, trans Daphne Marlatt 77 Brown, Terry, and Christopher Lind, eds Justice as Mission 268 Butala, Sharon Queen of the Headaches 15 Butcher, D.L., C. MacDonald, M.E. McPherson, R.R. Smith, and A.M. Watts, eels Prairie Spirit 269 Caccia, Fulvio Scirocco 54 Callaghan, Bany. See Brault, Jacques, and Pavlovic, Modrag Callaghan, Morley Our LAdy oftheSnows 12 Canadian Theatre Review This Is for You, Anna 66 Candelaria, Frederick Poems Nell) and Selected 42 Cantin, Pierre Jacques Ferron, polygraphe '90 Carpenter, Carole. See Fowke, Edith Carpenter, David Jokes for the Apoazlypse 3 Carpentier, Andre, ed Yves Theriault se raconte 215 Case, Frederick Ivor The Crisis of Identity in the Guadeloupean and Martiniquan Novel 247 Otamberlain, Ray. See Beaulieu, Victor-Levy INDEX TO BOOKS REVIEWED 279 Charlton, D.G. New Images of the Natural in France 136 Charron, Franc;ois Blessures 52 Charron, Franc;ois LA Vie n'apas de sens 52 Choquette, Robert L'Eglise catholique dans 1'0ntariofran~ais du dix-neuvieme sieele 267 Choyce, Lesley The End of Ice 45 Clements, Patricia Baudelaireand the English Tradition 140 Clifford, Keith The Resistance to Church Union in Canada 1904- 1939 26«) Cloutier, Ced1e L'Echangeur 58 Cloutier, Cecile, and Calvin 5eetveld, eds Opusculn aesthetica nostra 184 Cogswell, Fred. See Ross, Malcolm Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Marginalia II, ed George Whalley 103 Colet, John Commentary on First Corinthians, ed and trans Bernard O'Kelly and Catherine A.L. Jarrott 267 Collette, Jean Yves Inventaire des marchandises 59 Condon, Ann Gorman The Envy of the American States 232 Conolly, L.W., ed Canadian Drama 61 Cook, David Northrop Frye 157 Cooley, Dennis Bloody Jack 40 Court of Sapience E. Ruth Harvey, ed 91 Cousture, Arlette Les Hiles de Caleb 17 Crozier, Lorna The Garden Going On without Us }6 Crusz, Rienzi Singing against the Wind 41 0'Alfonso, Antonio. See Haeck, Philippe Davey, Frank Margaret Atwood 175 David, Jack. See Lecker, Robert Davies, Robertson What's Bred in the Bone 12 Desbiens, Patrice Dans l'apr~-midi cardiaque 59 De Seve, Micheline Pour un feminisme libertaire 258 Desjardins, Louise Les Verbes seuls 54 Desjardins, Louise, and Elise Turcotte Catastrophes 59 Despland, Michel The Education of Desire 267 Des Roches, Roger Le Soleil tourne autour de la terre 55 Deutscher, Thomas B. See Bietenholz, Peter Di Cicco...


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