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organized and complete bibliography, an invaluable research tool for all those interested in Jacques Ferron's life and writings. This achievement, in meticulously presenting the multifaceted nature of Ferron's work, allows us better to understand how the author's medical, political, and more specifically literary interests feed each other, fully justifying Cantin's description of him as a polygraphe. (MARY ELLEN ROSS) Laurent Mailhot avec la collaboration de Benoit Melan<;on. Essais quebecois 1837-1983: Anthologie litteraire Cahiers du Quebec, Collection Textes et Documents litteraires 79. Hurtubise HMH '984. 658 Quand on publie une anthologie, on a coutume de tenter de prouver Ie caractere representalif des textes qui la composent. C'est bien I'exercice perilleux auquel se livre Laurent Mailhot dans I'Avant-propos et I'Introduction d' Essais queb


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