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UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY Contents of Volume 60, Numbers 2-4,1990/1 All articles and books reviewed in issues 2-4 of volume 60 are listed below. For the material in 'Letters in Canada 1989/ which constitutes issue 1 of the volume, see the 'Index to Books Reviewed/ 60:1 (Fall 1990), 222-8. AR TICLES ALLEIT, JOHN Tono-Bungay: A Study of Suicide 469 CAPOZZI, ROCCO An Interview with Leslie A. Fiedler: Let's Revisit Postmodemism 331 CARMICHAEL, mOMAS A Postmodern Genealogy: John Barth's Sabbatical and The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym 389 CHAMBERS, DOUGLAS D.C. The Translation of Antiquity: Virgil, Pliny, and the Landscape Garden 354 COWLEY, JUUAN 'weeping map intense activity din': Reading Donald Barthelme 292 DONATELLI, JOSEPH M.P. The Medieval Fictions of Thomas Warton and Thomas Percy 435 FINDLAY, L.M. 'Who hath given man speech?': Swinburne, Myths of Origin, and Logocentrism 274 GREEN, MICHELE Sympathy and the Social Value of Poetry: J.S. Mill's Literary Essays 452 MACHANN, CLINTON A Report from the English Department at Charles University , Prague, Czechoslovakia 323 MARTIN, RANDALL Elizabethan Civic Pageantry in Henry VI 244 MAYO, JOHN Expectations and Compacts in the Beckwith-Reaney Operas: A Case Study 305 MURRAY, HEATHER From Canon to Curriculum229 ROSENBERG, AUBREY Julie ou la Nouvelle HelOise Today 265 SAWYER, RICHARD Fictional Titles: A Classification 374 SIRLUCK, KATHERINE A. Patriarchy, Pedagogy , and the Divided Self in The Taming ofthe Shrew 417 SMYrnE, KAREN The Ethics of Epiphany in Munrovian Elegy 493 SURETTE, LEON Modernism, Postmodemism, Fascism, and Historicism 476 WORTHEN, J.F. On the Matter of the Text 337 REVIEWS Alford, C. Fred Melanie Klein alTd Critical Social Theon;: An Account ofPolitics, Art, and Reason Based on Her Psychoanalytic Theory (PAUL ROAZEN) 320 Bernard, John D. Ceremonies ofInnocence: Pastoralism in the Poetry of Edmund Spenser (KENNETH BORRlS) 507 Cameron, Sharon Thinking in Henry James (ROBERT K. MARTIN) 517 Fink, Carole. Marc Bloch, A Life in Histon) (JOHN c. CAIRNS) 410 Habegger, Alfred Henry James and the 'Woman Business' (ROBERT K. MARTIN) 517 Keith, W.J. Regions of the Imagination: The Development of British Rural Fiction (GLEN CAVALlERO) 515 McWhirter, David Desire and Love in Henry James: A Study ofthe LAte Novels (ROBERT K. MARTIN) 517 526 CONTENTS OF VOLUME 60 Mommsen, Wolfgang J. The Political and Social Theory of Max Weber (IRVING M. ZEITUN) 404 Nattiez, Jean-Jacques Proust as Musician (ANTHONY R. PUGH) 319 Roche, Thomas P. Petrarch and the English Sonnet Sequences (GERMAINE WARKENTIN) 508 Siegle, Robert Suburban Ambusl1: Downtown Writing and the Fiction of Insurgency (LINDA HUTCHEON) 414 Solway, David Education Lost: Reflections on Contemporary Pedagogical Practice (w.J. KEITH)S21 Suzuki, Mi~oko Metamorphoses of Helen: AlIthorit1J, Difference, and the Epic (PATRICIA MERIVALE) 402 ...


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