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© UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO .PRESS 1978 All rights reserved. Permission to reproduce in whole or in part must be obtained in.writing from University of Toronto Press. CONTRIBUTORS RUDY WIEBE Professor of English and Creative Writing, University of Alberta; Peace Shall Destroy Many (1962); First and Vital Candle (1966); The Blue Mountains of China (i970); The Temptations of Big Bear (1973); The Scorched-Wood People (1977) LEON EDEL Professor of English, Emeritus, New York University and University of Hawaii; The Life of Henry James (5 vols, 1953- 72); The Psychological Novel (1955); Literan) Biography (1957) . ].M. CAMERON University of St Michael's College Professor, University of Toronto; Scrutiny of Marxism (1948); The Night Battle (1962); Images of Authority (1966); On the Idea ofa University (1978); editor, John Henry Newman, An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine (1974) SAAD EL-GABALAWY Associate Professor of English, University of Calgary; his translations include Inside Africa (1958), Modem Egyptian Short Stories (1977). PETER V. CONROY, JR Associate Professor of French, Universjty of Illinois at Chicago Circle; Crebillon fils: Techniques of the Novel (1972) ALEXANDER LEGGATT Professor of English, University College, University of Toronto; Citizen Comedy in the Age of Shakespeare (1973); Shakespeare's Comedy of Love (1974) JAMES CARSCALLEN Associate Professor of English, Victoria College, University of Toronto MARTIN SWALES Professor of German, University College, London; Arthur Schnitzler: A Critical Study (1971); The German Novelle (1977) (continued on page 258) 258 PETER V. CONROY, JR fait qu'intensifier Ie desir sexuellorsqu'elle en impose Ie refoulement' (p 116). Jean Borie also makes a strong connection between Nana's 'sexe' and the 'eglise' (pp 217-18) in his psychoanalytical reading. 15 Marcel Girard, 'L'Univers de Germinal,' Revue des sciences humaines, fase. 69 (janvierMrnars 1953), PP 59-76. Like the animal images, the symbolic function of manger seems to run consistently through the whole Rougoll-Macquart series. CONTRIBUTORS (continued) JILL R. WEBSTER Associate Professor ofHispanic Studies, Erindale College, University ofToronto; Francese Eiximenis: La societat catalana (11 segle XW (1967) W.J. KEITH Professor of English, University College, University of Toronto; Richard Jefferies (1965); Charles G.D. Roberts (1969); The Rural Tradition (1974); editor, Charles G.D. Roberts: Selected Poetry and Critical Prose (1974) ...


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