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© UNIVERSITY OF TORO NTO PRESS 19 78 All rights reserved. Permission to reproduce in wllole or ill part /Illlsf be obtained ill wI'iting from University of Torol/fo Press. CONTRIBUTORS PRATAP BISWAS Lecturer in English, Serarnpore College, West Bengal WALTER E. ANDERSON Associate Professor of English, University of California, Los Angeles RICHARD DELLAMORA Assistant Professor of English, Trent University R.P. BILAN Visiting Assistant Professor of English, University College, University of Toronto MICHAEL CARDY Associate Professor of French, Brock University LIONEL GOSSMAN Professor of French, Princeton University; Men and Masks: A Study of Moliere (1963); Medievalism and the Ideologies of tile Enlightenment (1968); French Society and Culture: Background for Eighteenth Century Literature (1972); Augustin Thierry and Liberal Historiography (1976) BRIAN JOHN Professor of English, McMaster University; Supreme Fictions: Studies in the Work of William Blake, Thomas Carlyle, W.B. Yeats and D.H. Lawrence (1974) MICHAEL KIRKHAM Professor of English, University College, University of Toronto; Til e Poetry of Robert Graves (1969) ...


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