Ghanaian women seeking paid work have long migrated from the north to Accra, in the south. Many work as poorly compensated porters and experience many difficulties, yet, by their own accounts, some adjust well to their new circumstances, despite their unfavorable situation. The aim of this study is to take a salutogenic perspective to illuminate the resources that help them cope. The intention is to develop practical guidelines for promoting health among all female porters in Accra. The framework of the study was the salutogenic model, with a focus on the role that resources play in helping people cope with stress. A phenomenological method that included interviews and observations was used. The results of the study indicate that religiosity is an important resource for good adjustment, but that additional resources, acquired after migration, were key: achieving financial stability and developing and cultivating socially supportive relationships. The ability to take a positive perspective and engage in active, adaptive coping protects against stress.


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