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Laura Jockusch, “Justice at Nuremberg? Jewish Responses to Nazi War Crime Trials in Allied Occupied Germany”

Jennifer Perlmutter, “Knowledge, Authority, and the Bewitching Jew in Early Modern France”

Marina Mogilner, “Toward a History of Russian Jewish ‘Medical Materialism’: Russian Jewish Physicians and the Politics of Jewish Biological Normalization”

Liora R. Halperin, “Hebrew and the Quest for a Universal Language”

Alma Rachel Heckman and Frances Malino, “Packed in Twelve Cases: The Alliance Israélite Universelle and the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair”

Paula Daccarett, “Shabbat, Noël, and Jewish Temporal Modernity: A Comparative View from Salonica”

Jonathan Hess, “Off to America and Back Again, or Judah Touro and Other Products of the German Jewish Imagination”

Annette Aronowicz, “Jews, Revenge, and the Modern State: Secular and Sacred in Haim Sloves’s ‘Avengers’”

Svetlana Natkovich, “A Land of Harsh Ways: ‘Tristan da Runha’ as Jabotinsky’s Social Fantasy” [End Page 228]



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