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Contributors MichaelJ. Colacurcio,DistinguishedProfessor of Englishat Universityof Californiaat LosAngeles, teachesAmericanLiterature and IntellectualHis tory, 1600-1900. He is the editor of the Penguin Edition of Hawthorne’s Tales and Sketches and of the CambridgeUniversityPressNewEssayson “The Scarlet Letter A number of his major articleson Taylor, Edwards, Emerson, Hawthorne, and Dickinson-have been collected in Doctrine and Diffimce (Routledge, 1997). Most prominently, perhaps, he is the author of The Province ofpiety: Moral History in Hawthorne’sEarly Tales (Harvard Univ. Press, 1985;repr., Duke Univ. Press, 1994); and Godly Letters: TheLiteratureof the American Puritans (Univ.of Notre Dame, 2006). Grace Farrell,Rebecca Clifton Reade Professor at Butler University, publishes on outsiders in American fictionof the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She has five books on Isaac Bashevis Singerand LillieDevereuxBlake and chapterson Poe, Singer, Blake, Anne Tyler, and nineteenthcenturywomenwriters .Her mostrecentworksare Retracinga LifeErased:Lillie Dmieux Blake (Univ. of MassachusettsPress, 2002);“Engenderingthe Canon:Women’sNarratives1865-1914,” in Blackwell ’s Companion to American Fiction, 1865-1914; and an essay in the Norton Critical Edition of The Selected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe, edited by G. R. Thompson. Benjamin F. Fisher, Professor of English at the University of Mississippi, is an internationally recognized specialist in American and Victorian studies. He has worked with Poe topics for more than fortyyearsand has authored or edited a halfdozen books and many articles and notes on Poe, as well as contributing to books and publishing articles in professionaljournals on other American , Victorian, and gothic studies. He is a past president of the Poe Studies Association, chairman of the SpeakerSeriesfor the EdgarAllan Poe Society of Baltimore,a longtime member of the editorial board of Poe Studies/Dark Romanticism, and a member of editorial boards for seven more professionaljournals. With Andrew Smith, he is coeditor for two series of books about gothicism sponsoredby the Universityof WalesPress.Hewas awardeda Governor’sCitationof Commendation, Stateof Maryland,forcontributionsto Poestudies (1993),and he hasalsobeen awardedcitationsfor outstandingteaching and scholarship. StevenFrye,Professorof English at CaliforniaState University, Bakersfield,earned his PhD in American Literature from Purdue University in 1995, completing his dissertation under the direction of G. R. Thompson.He is the author of Histm’ography and NarrativeDesignin theAmae‘canRomance: A Study of FourAuthors (EdwinMellen, 2001) and numerous essays, articles, and reviews published in suchjournals asAmericanStudies,American Latera ? Realism, Studies in American Naturalism, Modern Fiction Studies, the Centennial Review,the S o u t h Quarterly, the South Carolina Review,the Kentucky Review,Leuiathan:AJournal of Melville Studies, and the Cmmuc McCarthyJournal. Alexander Hammond is Associate Professsor and Vice-Chairof the Departmentof English atWashingtonStateUniversity and coeditorof PoeStudies/ Dark Romanticism. Having published a series of articleson Poe’s “FolioClub tales and overviews of Poe biography,he is currently working on the Palmer C. Holt source collection for the author’s writings. Poe StudiedDark Romanticism J. GeraldKennedyis William A. Read Professor of English at Louisiana State University.He is the author of Poe, Death, and theLifeof Writing(YaleUniv. Press, 1987) and editor of the Oxford Historical GuidetoEdgarAllan Poeas well as the new Penguin Edition of ThePortableEdgarAllanPoe.With Liliane Weissberg,he edited RomancingtheShadow:Poeand Race (Oxford Univ. Press, 2001). Robert Paul Lamb received his doctorate from the History of American Civilization Program at Harvard University and is Professor of English at Purdue University. He is coeditor with G. R. Thompson of A Companion to American Fiction, 1865-1914 (2005) and author of the monograph James G. Barney and theRoad toAbolitionism (1994),as well as numerousjournal articles on such authors and topicsasWhitman, Melville,Twain, Frank Norris , Hemingway,Langston Hughes, literary theory, film,and pedagogy.He recently completed a book manuscript entitled “Art Matters: Hemingway, Craft, and the Modern Short Story.”His current book project, “CitizenTwain:APoliticalBiography of Samuel Langhorne Clemens,” is a study of the evolution of Twain’sviews on subjectivityand their recursive relations to his cultural critiques. E r i c Carl Link, Hugh Shott Professor of English at North Georgia College and State University, teaches a variety of American literature courses as well as genre courses in the novel, poetry and poetics,and sciencefiction.He isauthorof TheVast and Tm‘bleDrama: American Literary Naturalism in theLateNineteenthCentury (Univ.of AlabamaPress, 2004), coauthor with G. R. Thompson of Neutral Cround:New Traditionalismand theAmericanRomance Controversy(LouisianaStateUniv. Press, 1999),and...


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