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G.R. Thompson: A Selected Bibliography Eric CarlLink, Compiler The following bibliography represents the major, and mostof the minor,scholarlypublicationsof G. R.Thomp sonfrom 1968to 2006(organizedchronologicallywithin each section according to publication date). Not listed are book reviews,minor incidental writings, or editorial contributions to Poe Studies/Dark Romanticism or ESQ :A Journal of the Ammican Renaissance during the years he served as the editor of thosejournals. AllthoredBooks Poek Fiction: Romantic Irony in the Gothic Tales. Madison: Univ. ofWisconsin Press, 1973. The Art o f Authorial Presence:H a w t h m S Provincial Tales. Durham: Duke Univ. Press, 1993. Neutral Ground: New Traditionalism and the A m ’ c a n& manceConho~eny. With Eric CarlLink.Baton Rouge: Louisiana State Univ. Press, 1999. ReadingAmericanFiction, 1865-1914:Realkm and thePmktence oftlomance. Oxford: Blackwell, forthcoming. Monogmph EdgarAllan Poe:Lyeand Cumex In AntebellumWritersinNew Ywk and the South, edited byJoel Myerson,249-97. Vol3.of Dictionaryof LitmaryBiogruphy.Detroit:Gale Publishing Group, 1979. [Revised;see below.] Circumm’bed Eden o f Dream: Dreamvision and Nightmare in PoeS Early Poetry. Baltimore: Enoch Pratt Free Library,Libraryof the Universityof Baltimore,and the Baltimore Poe Society,1984. Romantic Arabesque, Contemporary Theory, and Postmodernism : The Example o f PoeS “Narrative. Published as nos. 3 and 4 of ESQ: A Journal of the A m ’ c a n Renaissance35 (1989): 163-271. [Emerson Society Prize for 1989.3 EdgarAlhn Poe. InAntebellum Writers in theSouth, edited by Kent Ljungquist,262-319. Vol. 248 of Dictionary o f Literary Biography. Revised and expanded from the 1979edition. Detroit: Gale Publishing Group, 2001. Editedvohnnes GreatShort WorksofEdgarAllanPoe. Editedwith introduction , bibliography, chronology. New York Harper and Row, 1970;revised, 1974.Reissued, NewYork: Harper Collins,2004. Ritual, Realism, and Revolt:Major Traditions in theDrama, editedwithJ. C.Taylor.NewYork:CharlesScribner’s Sons, 1972. TheGothicImagination:Essays inDank Romanticism. Edited with introduction, “Romanticism and the Gothic Tradition.”Pullman:WashingtonState Univ. Press, 1974. Romantic Gothic Tales, 179&1840. Edited with introduction . New York: Harper and Row, 1979. Ruined E d a o f the Present: Hawthorne, Melville, and Poe; CriticalEssays in Honor of Darrel Abel, edited with Virgil L. Lokke.West Lafayette:Purdue Univ. Press, 1981. Essays and ReviewsofEdgar Allan Poe. Edited with textual notes, annotations, chronology. NewYork: Library of America, 1984. Edgar Allan Poe: Poetry, Tales, and Selected Essays. Texts established and textual annotations by Patrick F. Quinn and G. R. Thompson. Library of America College Editions. New York: Library of America and Penguin Books USA, 1996.[Secondarypublication of a composite, selected paperback edition for students, based on two volumes in the Library of America scholarlyeditions series (see above)]. TheSekcied WritingsofEdgarA k n Poe. Edited with general introduction, section introductions, textual notes, annotations, background and source texts, letters, modem criticalessays,andbibliogmphy.Norton%tical Editions.NewYork:W. W . Norton, 2004. A Companion to Amaitan Fiction, 1865-1914, edited with RobertPaul Iamb. BlackwellCompanionstoLiterary and CulturalStudies35. Oxford:Blackwell, 2005. MelvilleintheMarquesaxA c t d q o f P hin T@”and Other Island Writings.Edltedwithintroduction.Specialcriple issue,ES@AJournaloftheAmaitanRenaissance51,nos. 1-3 (2005).211 pages. Sekcted Biblioerabhv 155 LeamedJournalsEdited Poe Studies/Dark Ronurnticism. Editor and coeditor, 12 vols. (1968-79). Member of the editorial board 1979-2007. BQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance.Editor and coeditor,7vols. (1972-78). Memberof the editorial board 1979-2006. Articles,Review-Esays, Notes “Onthe Nose-Further Speculationon the Sourcesand Meaningof Poe’s‘Lionizing.’“Studiesin ShortFictimz 6 (1968): 94-96. “DramaticIrony in ‘The Oval Portrait’:A Reconsideration of Poe’s Revisions.” English Language Notes 6 “Is Poe’s ‘A Tale of the Ragged Mountains’ a Hoax?” Studies in Short Fiction6 (1969):454-60. “Poe’s Readings of Pelham:Another Source for ‘Tintinnabulation ’ and Other Piquant Expressions.” Am’canLiterature41 (1969): 251-56. “Unity,Death,and Nothingness--Poe’s ‘RomanticSkep ticism.’” PMLA 85 (1970): 297-300. “Poe’s‘Flawed’Gothic: AbsurdistTechniquesin ‘Metzengerstein ’ and the CourierSatires.nEmersonSociety Quarterly, no. 60 (1970): S38s58. Simultaneous printing in New Approaches to Poe: A Symposium, edited by Richard P. Benton, 38-58. Hartford: Transcendental Books, 1970. “Themes,Topics,and Criticism.”Reviewessay. In A m : canLiterary Scholarship:An Annual, 1969, edited by J. A. Robbins, 331-58. Durham: Duke Univ. Press, 1971. “‘Proper Evidencesof Madness’:American Gothic and the Interpretation of ‘Ligeia.’”ESQ 18 (1972): 30-49. “Poe...


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