An inventory has been made of archaeological material in the Natural History Museum, London, arising from the joint British Association/Royal Society investigation of Borneo caves undertaken by Alfred Hart Everett in 1878-9. Unregistered mammal specimens have been entered in the Palaeontology register (M series) and other animal remains have been given provisional identification numbers. This collection was made at the height of scientific enthusiasm for Darwin's theory of natural selection. The support of A. R. Wallace, who had experience of the limestone area of Sarawak, led to the choice of Everett to undertake the investigation. Everett's background and subsequent career are summarized and his working methods are evaluated. The disposition of his finds is described, and his cave excavations are reconstructed as far as possible, with a summary tabulation of finds. An assessment is made of the reliability of Everett's field data, and the value of this collection for future research.


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