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  • Not Joe Frazier:Tyson Writes Apology Letter
  • Derrick Harriell (bio)

July 25, 1986

Joe,Tomorrow I will beat your boy like he stolemy favorite bird, like he robbedCus of his air, like his last namenot Frazier. I respectively intend to crushhis ribs and will in one blow, smackthat kid around the ring, remind himhis name not Joe.

You would do the same,so cast no voodoo once this is done.And although I've hung your postersalong the hallways of my ambition,do not find yourself vengeful.

Or you too can feel the supernova,what I'm told is a carnival in one's head,an hallucination of dancing elephants,singing monkeys and floating beds.A bed song with a bad morning,a boogeyman's bad hands and badder intentions,a sinner's lullaby lyrics, the junkie's visionwhen the angels come to visit. [End Page 82]

Derrick Harriell

Derrick Harriell, a native of Milwaukee, WI, is an assistant professor of English and African American studies at the University of Mississippi in Oxford. He is author of Cotton, a volume of poems. Ropes, his second book of poems, will be published during the fall of 2013.



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