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Liddell : 140 The Editor regrets that he omitted some of the marking for nonmanual behavior in four examples presented in the article "Head Thrust in ASL Conditional Marking," (Liddell) Sign Language Studies 52, 243-262. The four examples on pages 258 and 259 are reproduced below as they should appear: ht rot-L t brows-uo (13) TEST GET - Ai PRO.1 RELIEVED PRO.1 "The test, if I get an A on it, I will be relieved" ht Rot-L t brows-up (14) J-0-H-N K-E-N-N-E-D-Y STILL LIVE WELL AMERICA LOOK^LIKE WELL "As for John Kennedy, if he were still alive, what would America be like?" ht Rot-L t brows-up (15) CAR, 1984 D-A-T-S-U-N_ ARRIVEi PRO.1 READY BUY PRO.1 "As for the car, a 1984 Datsun, if it arrives, I am ready to buy it." ht Rot-L t brows-up t n (16) TEST GET - A PART B NOT-HAVE-TO STUDY PRO.2 NOT-HAVE-TO "The test, if you get an A on it, then as for part B, you won't have to study it" Summer 1987 SLS 55 ...


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