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CONTENTS: SIGN LANGUAGE STUDIES 70 Articles: KRISTEN JOHNSON Miscommunication in Interpreted Classroom Communication 1-34 VICKI L. HANSON & LAURIE B.FELDMAN What Makes Signs Related? 35-46 JILLJEPSON Two Sign Languages in a Single Village in India 47-59 DOUGLAS McARTHUR Processes of Elaboration: The Taxonomic Principle inSpeech & Sign 61-71 TED SUPALLA Deaf Folklife Film Collection Project 73-82 Reviews: WM. STOKOE S.Fischer &P.Siple, Theoretical Issues inSign Language Research, Vol. 1.Linguistics 83-88 F.St.-Martin, Semiotics of Visual Language 89-92 CONTENTS: SIGN LANGUAGE STUDIES 71 Editorial WILLIAM C.STOKOE Semantic Phonology 107-114 SUE LIVINGSTON Comprehension Strategies of two Deaf Readers 115-130 CLAIRE PENN, TIMOTHY REAGAN &DALE OGILW Deaf-Hearing Interchange in South Africa 131-142 JOAN KWEK Occasions for Sign Use in an Australian Aboriginal Community (introductory note by Adam Kendon) 143-160 RAGAV BIR JOSHI Nepal: AParadise for the Deaf? 161-168 SHAWN DAVIES Bilingual Education of Deaf Children in Sweden & Denmark: Strategies for Transition & Implementation 169-195 0 1991 by Linstok Press, Inc. See inside front cover ISSN 0302-1475 475 Contents SLS 1991 Reviews: HARRY W. HOEMANN M.Vernon &J. Andrews, The Psychology of Deafness: Understanding Deaf &Hard-of-Hearing People 197-200 DAVID F.ARMSTRONG Sherman Wilcox & Phyllis Wilcox, American Sign Language as a Second Language 201-202 CONTENTS: SIGN LANGUAGE STUDIES 72 TOM HUMPHRIES An Introduction to the Culture of Deaf People inthe U.S.: Content Notes &Reference Material for Teachers 209-240 J.ALBERT BICKFORD Lexical Variation in Mexican Sign Language: One Language or Many? 241-276 SARA SCHLEY Infant Discrimination of Gestural Classes: Perceptual Precursors of ASL Acquisition 277-296 GEORGE D.ALLEN, RONNIE B.WILBUR, BRENDA SCHICK Aspects of Rhythm in American Sign Language 297-320 CONTENTS: SIGN LANGUAGE STUDIES 73 Editorial: BARBARA LEMASTER &JOHN P.DWYER, GUEST EDITORS Cross-Cultural Studies: Signed Language & Deaf Communities 325-328 Articles: JAMES WOODWARD Sign Language Varieties in Costa Rica 329-346 MARIA IGNACIA MASSONE &ROBERT E.JOHNSON Kinship Terms in Argentine Sign Language 347-360 BARBARA LEMASTER &JOHN P.DWYER Knowing &Using Female &Male Signs in Dublin 361-396 ELIZABETH A.WINSTON Spatial Referencing &Cohesion in an American Sign Language Text 397-410 SLS 73 Winter 1991 Contents SLS 1991 477 SIMON J. CARMEL & LEILA F. MONAGHAN Studying Deaf Culture: An Introduction to Ethnographic Work inDeaf Communities 410-420 STEPHANIE A. HALL Door into Deaf Culture: Folklore inan American Deaf Social Club 421-429 LEILA F.MONAGHAN The Founding of Two Deaf churches: The Interplay of Deaf &Christian Identities 431-452 JILLJEPSON Some Aspects of the Deaf Experience in India 453-459 ROBERT E.JOHNSON Sign Language, Culture & Community in a Traditional Yucatec Maya Village 461-474 ...


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