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  • Additional Information and a Correction
  • David E. E. Sloane

Additional Information and a Correction

“Some Twain Sources and How They Affected his Sense of Self,” American Literary Realism, 45 (Fall 2012), 45–59

In response to my wondering why I could not trace Mark Twain’s “Begum of Bengal” story to Dana’s Two Years Before the Mast, Barbara Schmidt kindly provided the information that the source story, “The Bashaw, from Canton” anecdote, actually was in Dana’s book, Chapter 35, p. 414, of the 1869 edition, but was taken out in various editions after that one, as in the one I used. Barbara also noted that the correct name of the author of Cudjo’s Cave is John T. Trowbridge, not James, as I accidentally put it. Thanks to Barbara for both of her kind corrections.

—David E. E. Sloane [End Page 1]



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