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  • Index to Volume 69September 2012 through June 2013
  • Martin D. Jenkins

Personal names are identified as author (a), composer (c), editor (e), performer (p), reviewer (r), or translator (t); names not so identified are subject entries. Titles of articles published in Notes are contained in quotation marks; titles of reviewed books, compositions, sound recordings, videos and electronic media are italicized. Series titles are entered only under the following headings: Books in series; Scores in series; Complete and collected editions; and Historical sets and monuments of music. Entries are alphabetized word-by-word.

Aaron Copland: Music in the 20s (DVD), 146–47

Academic Charts Online, 599–602

Adams, John, Nixon in China, 555–57

African American men, identity, 761–65

Agawu, Kofi, r 274–77

Alexander, Peter M., r 61–63

Allis, Michael, a 757–60

Ambassador Auditorium (Pasadena), audio collection, 268–69

American Idol, 327–28

American Music Research Centre/University of Colorado, 722–23

Analyzing Schubert (Clark), 292–303

Andersen, Leslie, “Video Reviews,” 139–50, 604–20

André Previn (DVD), 145–46

Antokoletz, Elliott, e 73–76

Antonio Carlos Jobim (Jobim), 319–20

Archer-Capuzzo, Sonia, r 320–23

Arnim, Bettina von, and Beethoven, 281–84

The Art of Partimento (Sanguinetti), 736–39

Ashenfelder, Michael, r 616–17

Astaire, Fred, and jazz, 329–30

authorship, 688–705

awards, grants, prizes, 525–26, 721

Bach, Johann Christian, c 806–14

Bach, Johann Sebastian, c 399–402, 613

Badolato, Nicola, r 308–10

Baker, Hilary, r 69–71

Ballengee, Christopher L., r 618–20

Baranello, Micaela, r 141–42, 609–11

Barber, Samuel, c 152–53

Barenboim, Daniel, p 613

baroque music, performance practice, 739–41

Bauer, Amy, a 767–70

Baum, Rob, e 128

Baunach, Kerri Scannell, “Prices of Music Monographs and Scores as Reflected in Notes, 2006–2011,” 260–67

Be Kind to One Another (Riley), 402–5

Beckwith, John, biography, 553–55; a 553–55

Bedřich Smetana a jeho korespondence (Mojžíšová & Pospíšil), 91–93

Bedřich Smetana and His Correspondence (Mojžíšová & Pospíšil), 91–93

Bedřich Smetana’s Correspondents (Mojžíšová & Pospíšil), 91–93

Beethoven’s Immortal Beloved (Walden), 281–84

Belford, Rebecca, “Music Discovery Requirements: A Guide to Optimizing Inter faces,” 494–524

Bellmore, Audra, “The New Mexico Federal Music Project: Embodying the Regional Spirit of Roosevelt’s New Deal,” 23–43

Benoit-Otis, Marie-Hélène, e 76–78

Berklee College of Music, 721

Berlin, Irving, 581–82; musical theatre, 579–81

Bernhard, Mark, e 551–53

Between Syd and the Dark Side (DVD), 149–50

Biedermeier, church music, 99–101

biographies: Beckwith, 553–55; Broadwood, 529–31; Cage, 770–75; Granz, 557–59; Jobim, 319–20; Koechlin, 76–78; Martinů, 93–96; Ravel, 564–66; Schuller, 289–90; R. Strauss, 541–44

Birds of Fire (Fellezs), 84–87

Bishop, Henry Rowley, c 814–16

Bishop, Sherri, r 800–3

Bizet, Georges, c 614–16 [End Page 848]

Blas- und Bläsermusik (Walter), 334–36

Block, Geoffrey, r 292–303

Bloom, Allison K. M., r 73–76

Bloom, Robert, 332–34

Bloom, Sarah Lambert, e 332–34

Blue Mountain Project, 525–26

Boccherini Studies 3, 279–81

Bock, Jerry, 330–32

Boczkowska, Ewelina, review commented on by Pawloswki, 418

Bohuslav Martinů (Rybka), 93–96

“Book Reviews,” 61–103, 271–352, 527–82, 724–78

books, prices, 260–67

books in series:

  African American Music in Global Perspective, 761–65

  American Musicspheres, 748–50

  Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series, 551–53

  Bard Music Festival Series, 569–71

  Beiträge zur Leopold-Mozart-Forschung, 61–63

  Broadway Legacies, 330–32, 579–81

  Bucina, 744–46

  Busoni-Editionen, 290–92

  Cambridge Introductions to Music, 303–6

  Cambridge Studies in Opera, 306–8

  Catalogus Musicus, 730–32

  Critical Lives, 770–75

  Currents in Latin American and Iberian Music, 323–25, 752–54

  Detroit Monographs in Musicology/Studies in Music, 732–34

  Historical Dictionaries of Literature and the Arts, 65–68

  Iannis Xenakis Series, 284–86

  Life Writing Series, 553–55

  Materials Pertaining to the Everyday History and Folk Culture of Lower Saxony, 82–84

  Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae, Subsidia, 101–3

  Music and the Early Modern Imagination, 537–39

  Music Finders, 68...


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