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  • Index: Volume 35, 2012


Banco, Lindsey Michael. “The Biographies of J. Robert Oppenheimer: Desert Saint or Destroyer of Worlds.” 35.3 (Summer): 492–515.

Barnett, Tully. “Remediating the Infected Body: Writing the Viral Self in Melinda Rack-ham’s carrier.” 35.1 (Winter): 45–64.

Caminero-Santangelo, Marta. “Documenting the Undocumented: Life Narratives of Undocumented Immigrants.” 35.3 (Summer): 449–71.

Couser, G. Thomas. “A Personal Post(human)Script: Further Reading/Reading Further.” 35.1 (Winter): 190–97.

Dobbs, Cynthia, Daphne Lamothe, and Theresa Tensuan. “Between Catastrophe and Carnival: Creolized Identities, Cityspace, and Life Narratives.” 35.2 (Spring): v–xi.

Fulton, Dawn. “Urban Silhouettes: Mohand Mounsi’s Creolized Paris.” 35.2 (Spring): 286–302.

Gilmore, Leigh. “Agency Without Mastery: Chronic Pain and Posthuman Life Writing.” 35.1 (Winter): 83–98.

Gold, Susanna W. “The Death of Cleopatra/The Birth of Freedom: Edmonia Lewis at the New World’s Fair.” 35.2 (Spring): 318–41.

Huff, Cynthia, and Joel Haefner. “His Master’s Voice: Animalographies, Life Writing, and the Posthuman.” 35.1 (Winter): 153–69.

Kennedy, Rosanne. “Humanity’s Footprint: Reading Rings of Saturn and Palestinian Walks in an Anthropocene Era.” 35.1 (Winter): 170–89.

Lindgren, Kristin A. “Contact Zones and Border Crossings: Writing Deaf Lives.” 35.2 (Spring): 342–59.

Lamothe, Daphne. “Carnival in the Creole City: Place, Race, and Identity in the Age of Globalization.” 35.2 (Spring): 360–74.

Lockard, Joe. “‘No Possessions but Rages’: Vindication, Salvation, and Early Kentucky Prison Letters.” 35.4 (Fall): 650–667.

McNeill, Laurie. “There Is No ‘I’ in Network: Social Networking Sites and Posthuman Auto/Biography.” 35.1 (Winter): 65–82.

Mousley, Andy. “Autobiography, Authenticity, Human, and Posthuman: Eva Hoffman’s Lost in Translation.” 35.1 (Winter): 99–114.

Parkins, Ilya, and Lara Haworth. “The Public Time of Private Space in Dior by Dior.” 35.4 (Fall): 668–89.

Peek, Michelle. “Humanitarian Narrative and Posthumanist Critique: Dave Eggers’s What Is the What? ” 35.1 (Winter): 115–36.

Pulda, Molly. “Unknown Knowns: State Secrets and Family Secrets.” 35.3 (Summer): 472–91. [End Page 880]

Richman, Kathy. “Militant Cosmopolitan in a Creole City: The Paradoxes of Jacques Rou-main.” 35.2 (Spring): 303–317.

Shannon, Edward. “Shameful, Impure Art: Robert Crumb’s Autobiographical Comics and the Confessional Poets.” 35.4 (Fall): 627–49.

Smith, Sidonie. “Reading the Posthuman Backwards: Mary Rowlandson’s Doubled Witnessing.” 35.1 (Winter): 137–52.

Smith, Sidonie, and Julia Watson. “Witnessing or False Witnessing? Metrics of Authenticity, Collective I-Formations, and the Ethic of Verification in First-Person Testimony.” 35.4 (Fall): 590–626.

Thomas, Valorie. “‘Dust to Cleanse Themselves,’ A Survivor’s Ethos: Diasporic Disidentifications in Zeitoun.” 35.2 (Spring): 271–85.

Van den Hengel, Louis. “Zoegraphy: Per/forming Posthuman Lives.” 35.1 (Winter): 1–20.

Watson, Julia. “Visual Diary as Prosthetic Practice in Bobby Baker’s Diary Drawings.” 35.1 (Winter): 21–44.

Whitlock, Gillian. “Posting Lives.” 35.1 (Winter): v–xvi.


Berman, Jeffrey. Companionship in Grief: Love and Loss in the Memoirs of C. S. Lewis, John Bayley, Donald Hall, Joan Didion, and Calvin Trillin. Reviewed by Tara Hyland-Russell. 35.2 (Spring): 405–407.

Carretta, Vincent. Phillis Wheatley: Biography of a Genius in Bondage. Reviewed by Tracey L. Walters. 35.3 (Summer): 516–19.

Finley, Cheryl, Laurence Glasco, and Joe W. Trotter. Teenie Harris, Photographer: Image, Memory, History. Reviewed by Shawn Michelle Smith. 35.2 (Spring): 378–80.

Getz, Trevor R., and Liz Clarke. Abina and the Important Men: A Graphic History. Reviewed by Michael A. Chaney. 35.2 (Spring): 375–77.

Greene, Sandra E. West African Narratives of Slavery: Texts from Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth Century Ghana. Reviewed by Benjamin N. Lawrance. 35.3 (Summer): 519–22.

Häberlein, Mark. The Fuggers of Augsburg: Pursuing Wealth and Honor in Renaissance Germany. Reviewed by Donald J. Harreld. 35.3 (Summer): 528–29.

Immler, Nicole L. Das Familiengedächtnis der Wittgensteins. Zu verführerischen Lesarten von (auto-)biographischen Texten. Reviewed by Sarah Anna Szeltner. 35.3 (Summer): 524–28.

Junod, Karen. ‘Writing the Lives of Painters’: Biography and Artistic Identity in Britain 1760– 1810. Reviewed by Wendy Wassyng Roworth. 35.2 (Spring): 380–82.

Klagge, James C. Wittgenstein in Exile. Reviewed...