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  • Mating Call of the Re-creation Panda
  • Nicky Beer (bio)

Re-Creations are defined as renderings which include no natural parts of the animal portrayed . . . For instance, a re-creation eagle could be constructed using turkey feathers, or a cow hide could be used to simulate African game.

—World Taxidermy Championships Rule Book

after Melissa Milgrom's Still Life

Cleanliness is my only real fault:I could have done with a little faux shityellowing my rump, something to make itseem like the bamboo I'm chewing will end upsomewhere. I bear the bodiesof seventeen grizzlies on my back alone:peeled, dried, Clairol-dyed and quiltedinto the whole of me. I know that my earswere done with great tenderness,and one quiet evening, my maker evenbriefly held one in his mouth.That I have no memory is hardly his fault:I'm not even a ghost, since this requires bothlife and death as precedent. Says the poet:What is more precise than precision? Illusion. I am moreprecise than the clockwork of your ownexpiring mitochondria. Come closer.Try to guess the provenance of my claws,gently blow the dust from the smoked sniftersof my eyes. Imagine from what, or whom,your own body could be collaged, whoselips could be stitched into an homageof your smile. Take my lie in your arms. [End Page 310]

Nicky Beer

Nicky Beer is the author of The Diminishing House, winner of the 2010 Colorado Book Award in poetry. Her second book of poems, The Octopus Game, will be published in 2015. Her awards include a literature fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, a Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship, and a Discovery/The Nation Award. She is an assistant professor at the University of Colorado Denver.



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