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  • Index to Volume 37


Beebee, Helen. "Hume's Two Definitions: The Procedural Interpretation." 37.2: 243-274.
Black, Tim. "Hume's Epistemic Naturalism in the Treatise." 37.2: 211-242.
Collier, Mark. "Hume's Science of Emotions: Feeling Theory without Tears." 37.1: 3-18.
Durland, Karánn. "Extreme Skepticism and Commitment in the Treatise." 37.1: 65-98.
Gill, Michael B. "Humean Sentimentalism and Non-Consequentialist Moral Thinking." 37.2: 165-188.
Inukai, Yumiko. "Perceptions and Objects: Hume's Radical Empiricism." 37.2: 189-210.
Olson, Jonas. "Projectivism and Error in Hume's Ethics." 37.1 19-42.
Sakamoto, Tatsuya. "Hume's 'Early Memoranda' and the Making of His Political Economy." 37.2: 131-164.
Smalligan Maruši, Jennifer. "Belief and Introspective Knowledge in Treatise 1.3.7." 37.1: 99-122.
Wennerlind, Carl. "The Role of Political Economy in Hume's Moral Philosophy." 37.1: 43-64.


Baier, Annette C. The Cautious, Jealous Virtue: Hume on Justice. Gerald J. Postema. 37.2: 280-284.
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Wennerlind, Carl, and Margaret Schabas, eds. David Hume's Political Economy. John Robertson. 37.1: 123-127.


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