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  • Hume Studies Referees, 2010-2011

Donald Ainsle    University of Toronto
Margaret Atherton    University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Annette Baier    University of Pittsburgh
Don Baxter    University of Connecticut
Bill Beardsley    University of Puget Sound
Martin Bell    University of York
Lorraine Besser-Jones    Middlebury College
John Biro    University of Florida
Simon Blackburn    University of Cambridge
Charlotte Brown    Illinois Wesleyan University
Annemarie Butler    Iowa State University
Dorothy Coleman    Northern Illinois University
Angela Coventry    Portland State University
Andrew Cunningham    Toronto, Canada
Martin Curd    Purdue University
Remy Debs    University of Memphis
Stewart Duncan    University of Florida
Lorne Falkenstein    University of Western Ontario
Joseph Filonowicz    Long Island University
Daniel Flage    James Madison University
Peter Fosl    Transylvania University
Don Garrett    New York University
Michael Gill    University of Arizona
Geoff Gorham    Macalester College
Lorenzo Greco    Sapienza Università di Roma
Yumiko Inukai    University of Massachusetts, Boston
Mikael Karlsson    University of Iceland
Catherine Kemp    John Jay College, City University of New York [End Page 297]
Theodore Kinnaman    George Mason University
David Landy    San Francisco State University
Tom Lennon    Western University
Ann Levey    University of Calgary
Douglas Lewis    University of Minnesota
Louis Loeb    University of Michigan
Antonia Lolordo    University of Virginia
Peter Loptson    University of Guelph
Vijay Mascarenhas    Denver Metropolitan State University
Jane McIntyre    Cleveland State University
Kevin Meeker    Southern Alabama University
Peter Millican    Oxford University
Ted Morris    Illinois Wesleyan University
Jim O'Shea    University College Dublin
Elizabeth Radcliffe    College of William and Mary
Jonathan Roffe    University of Melbourne
Todd Ryan    Trinity College
Andrew Sabl    University of California, Los Angeles
Geoff Sayre McCord    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Margaret Schabas    University of British Columbia
Karl Schafer    University of Pittsburgh
Ira Schnall    Bar-Ilan University
Michael Stack    University of Manitoba
John Steinberg    Central Michigan University
Eric Steinberg    Brooklyn College
Alessio Vaccari    University of Rome
Rico Vitz    Azuza Pacific University
Kathleen Wallace    Hofstra University
Wayne Waxman    New Zealand
Ruth Weintraub    University of Tel Aviv
Chris Williams    University of Nevada, Reno
Kenneth Winkler    Yale University
Aaron Zimmerman    University of California, Santa Barbara [End Page 298]



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