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  • American Catholic Studies Index for Volume 123(Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter 2012)
Articles Volume Pages
American Heretic: The Rise and Fall of Father Leonard Feeney, SJ
By Michael Feldberg
123:2 109–115
Carter, Catholics, and the Politics of Family
By J. Brooks Flippen
123:3 27–51
The Centennial of the Laymen’s Week-End Retreat League of Philadelphia, 1912–2012
By Thomas F. Rzeznik
123:1 89–96
Confronting the Heresy of “The Mythical Body of Christ”: The Life of Dr. Arthur Falls
By Lincoln R. Rice
123:2 59–77
Counting Catholics in the United States of America
By J. Patrick Hornbeck, II
123:4 1–21
Drawing the Holy in the Ordinary: Ade Bethune, the Catholic Worker, and the Liturgical Movement
By Katharine E. Harmon
123:1 1–23
Father Drumgoole’s Catechetical Playland: Education as Refuge in Nineteenth-Century New York
By Patrick J. Hayes
123:1 25–49
“An Honest Response to Serious Losses”: Recent Initiatives in American Catholic Education
By Timothy Walch
123:3 53–67
LaFarge Murals at the St. Paul Seminary
By Cameron M. Thompson
123:4 87–97
Lest We Forget: Ellen Ryan Jolly and the Nuns of the Battlefield Monument
By Kathleen Szpila
123:4 23–43
The Negotiation of Authority at a Frontier Marian Apparition Site: Adele Brise and Our Lady of Good Help
By Karen E. Park
123:3 1–26
“The Negro Problem”: Two Catholic Journalistic Debates over the Equality of Blacks
By Douglas J. Slawson
123:2 1–29
Someone Watching Your Back: Guardian Angels in Michael Patrick MacDonald’s All Souls
By James Silas Rogers
123:1 51–65
“Up Against a Stone Wall”: Women, Power, and the National Catholic Community Houses
By Jeanne Petit
123:2 31–57
“We are definitely the pioneers of this movement”: The Regis Lay Apostolate and the Origins of Postgraduate Volunteerism, 1949–1972
By Christopher Staysniak
123:4 45–65
“We’re Here for the Bodies”: How the Monastery of the Immaculate Conception became part of Maria College
By Elizabeth R. Bouchard, Rose Hobbs, RSM, Mary Guadrón
123:3 91–105

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Review Symposium Volume Pages
Perspectives on Religious Life Today 123:2 79–92
Apostolic Religious Life in America Today: A Response to the Crisis
Edited by Richard Gribble, CSC
Prophets in Their Own Country: Women Religious Bearing Witness to the Gospel in a Troubled Church
By Sandra M. Schneiders, IHM
Perspective I by Karen Kennelly, CSJ 123:2 80–82
Perspective II by Robert C. Berger, FSC 123:2 82–85
Perspective III by Dolores Liptak, RSM 123:2 85–89
Perspective IV by Robert E. Carbonneau, CP 123:2 90–92
Book Reviews Volume Pages
All is Grace: A Biography of Dorothy Day
By Jim Forest
Reviewed by Anne J. Klejment 123:1 73–75
Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ: A Model Theologian, 1918–2008
By Patrick W. Carey
Reviewed by Stephen M. Fields, SJ 123:2 93–96
Blessing La Politica: The Latino Religious Experience and Political Engagement in the United States
Edited by Carlos Vargas Ramos & Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo
Reviewed by Timothy Matovina 123:3 72–73
The Cambridge Companion to Religious Studies
Edited by Robert A. Orsi
Reviewed by Kathryn Lofton 123:4 76–77
Catholic High Schools: Facing the New Realities
By James L. Heft, SM
Reviewed by Rodger Van Allen 123:4 72–74
A Catholic Brain Trust: The History of the Catholic Commission on Intellectual and Cultural Affairs, 1945–1965
By Patrick J. Hayes
Reviewed by Dennis O’Brien 123:2 98–99
The Catholic Calumet: Colonial Conversions in French and Indian North America
By Tracy Neal Leavelle
Reviewed by Christopher Vecsey 123:2 102–103
On the Road to Emmaus:
The Catholic Dialogue with America and Modernity
By Glenn W. Olsen
Reviewed by William W. Shea 123:4 78–79
Closing Chapters: Urban Change, Religious Reform, and the Decline of Youngstown’s Catholic Elementary Schools, 1960–2006
By Thomas G. Welsh
Reviewed by John C. Seitz 123:4 81–83
The Crisis of Authority in Catholic Modernity
Edited by Michael J. Lacey & Francis Oakley
Reviewed by Terrence W. Tilley 123:2 105–106
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