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  • Afterword
  • Rita L. Irwin and Anita Sinner

Lingering with the essays and interludes in this special issue will have undoubtedly taken you on a rhizomatic journey exploring transnational and trans-curricular interrogations of a/r/tography through theoretical and methodological approaches (Biggs & Büchler; Holbrook & Pourchier; Marín-Viadel & Roldán; Siegesmund), applied research and teaching practices (Detlefsen; Hannigan), and practice-based perspectives mixing art, research, and teaching (Barney & Hoiland; Bickel; Cann; Clark/Keefe; Garnet; Nodelman; Leggo; Madrid; Rodrigeuz Naranjo; Smith; Spillane; Zuk). A/r/tography, once thought of as a University of British Columbia, Canada, phenomenon, has found a life of its own, traversing the globe. In this issue, a/r/tographers are representing Australia, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. We are aware of individuals employing a/r/tography in Africa, Asia, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe, and the Middle East, who will soon be offering their perspectives. The excitement for a/r/tography is compelling. A/r/tography is inspiring art educators to question, provoke, probe, and inquire in material and theoretical ways never imagined a few decades ago. With an overwhelming response to our call for papers and the help of a critical mass of reviewers, we look forward to hearing the response of readers to what has turned out to be an extraordinary collection of essays and interludes. Yet, we look forward to even more extraordinary work as we collectively advance what started, perhaps modestly, at the turn of the 21st century, and promises to advance arts education for many years to come.

In keeping with the potential of a/r/tography to supplement and augment knowing, we have purposefully woven interludes in-between the essays, perhaps [End Page 128] even weaving the essays in-between the interludes. The issue is purposely constructed to be an artistic encounter with scholarship, images and ideas juxtaposed in evocative and provocative ways. We trust you, as readers, to add your own provocations, inquiring into a world yet to be created.

In living inquiry,

Rita and Anita [End Page 129]



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