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  • A/R/Tographic Back Tracks
  • Kelly Clark/Keefe

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Figure 1.

Kelly Clark/Keefe, 2011. A/R/Tographic Back Tracks [mixed media. 9 × 14 in.].

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The image titled A/R/Tographic Back Tracks enfolds my attempts to approach analysis of and to work generously across two intellectual and subjective spaces that I occupy. The first space approached through production of the painted image centers the often-antagonistic methodological disciplinary discourses of interpretivism, poststructuralism, and material feminism. Painting, I mine the Deleuzian-induced force and rhythm of becoming-a/r/tographical, working in the middle of these disciplinary discourses as a creative, embodied, and embedded inquirer interested in the materially discursive truths of people’s lives. Analyzing especially subjectivity as it surfaces within methodological literature, I feel and enact, through smooth and striated paint strokes, as well as the manipulation of warmed wax, the potentiality of positive affiliations across worded boundaries and policed intentions. The second analytical space approached through the painting involves my condition(ing) as a working-class academic. Looking into a mirror to photograph the reflection of my back in a second mirror and then working with the printed photograph to create a slight distortion in bodily form, a fore-grounded portrait of someone who is simultaneously me and not me gazes at the viewer who is gazing at us. A/R/Tographic Back Tracks induces a false sense of conflation, of unitary “selfhood,” all the while further provoking the hybrid blue-collar a/r/tographer posing as professor or perhaps a palimpsest in professional pajamas. [End Page 111]

Kelly Clark/Keefe
Appalachian State University


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