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  • Migrancy Journeys
  • Gloria Rodriguez Naranjo

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Figure 1.

Gloria Rodriguez, 2011, Migrancy Journeys [Digital photography].

Connecting my identities of artist, researcher, and teacher, I investigate my immigrant narrative rendered as an a/r/tographic metaphor confronting being at home and away from home. In response to the spaces, places, times, experiences, and visual languages of my in-betweenness, I created synesthetic expressions of liminality where I am no longer from “here” or “there,” but rather belong to both cultures. Entitled Migrancy Journeys, this diptych of water over stones in Lynn Creek (British Columbia) depicts the experience I have lived leaving my origins for a place that is coming to be known as home. I bring my memories of home, anxieties about the future, and anticipation for what may be, as I dwell in-between two [End Page 26] cultures, incarnating past experiences and the everydayness of today in an ongoing process of re-inventing my Self, in language, in histories, and in identities that are continuously subject to further change. For me, in-betweenness is like whirlpools of uncertainty and nostalgia, collisions of doubt and loneliness mixed with beauty, peace, and harmony, where the past resides with the present, roots with wings, guilt with freedom, all in tension like water over stones, in suspension. In this visual metaphor I share my longing, searching, confronting, my pain for those loved but left in my becoming. So is the immigrant journey, so is my journey. Please follow the link to view all images that form Migrancy Journeys. [End Page 27]

Gloria Rodriguez Naranjo
University of British Columbia


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