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Index to Volume 42, 1999 ARTICLES ALLEN, DAVID, with MARCO GHELARDI. Unfinished Pieces: From Platonov to Piano 595 AMOKO, APOLLO. Casting Aside Colonial Occupation: Intersections of Race, Sex, and Gender in Cloud Nine and Cloud Nine Criticism 45 BARNEIT, CLAUDiA. Phyllis Nagy's Fatal Women 28 BERNSTEIN, ROBIN. Inventing a Fishbowl: White Supremacy and the Critical Reception of Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun 16 BHATIA, NANDI. Anger, Nostalgia, and the End of Empire: John Osborne's Look Back in Anger 391 BLOSTEIN, DAVID A. Introduction: Special Issue, "Brecht Transfonned" 173 B6HME~KUBY. SUSANNA, trans. GERHARD HAUCK and MARIA FERRARI. Brecht in Italy: Aspects of Reception 223 CIXOUS, HELE:NE, trans. BRIAN J. MALLET. Enter the Theatre (in between) 301 CRANDELL, GEORGE. "Echo Spring": Reflecting the Gaze of Narcissus in Tennessee WILLIAMS'S Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 427 ELLIS, LORENA B. In the Jungle of the "Antrop6fagos": Brecht in Brazil 269 FIEBACH, JOACHIM. Brecht: Gestus, Fable, Attitude-cum-Stance 207 FLATH, CAROL A. The Seagull: The Stage Mother, the Missing Father, and the Origins of Art 49[ FREEDMAN, JOHN. Center Stage: Chekhov in Russia 100 Years On 541 GLEITMAN, CLAIRE. Clever Blokes and Thick Lads: Tom Murphy's A Whistle in the Dark 3[5 GONTARSKI, S.E. Beckett's Play, in extenso 442 HALE, ALLEAN. Not about Nightingales: Tennessee Williams as Social Activist 346 HANDLEY, MIRIAM. Chekhov Translated: Shaw's Use of Sound Effects in Heartbreak House 565 Modern Drama, 43 (2000) 659 660 Index to Volume 42, 1999 HASCHE, CHRISTA, trans. JUTTA VON ZITZEWlTZ. Through the Minefield of Ideologies: Brecht and the Staging of Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder 185 KLEBER, PIA. The Whole of Italy Is OUT Orchard: Strehler's Cherry Orchard 579 KRAMER, KARL o. "A Subject Worthy of Ayvazovsky's Brush": Vanya's Misdirected Fury 511 KRAUSE, DAVID. Friel's Ballybeggared Version ofChekhov 634 LEIS, ETHAN J. Foreman FOR Every MAN: Pearls/or Pigs 375 LINDHElM, RALPH. Introduction: Special Issue, "Chekhov" 47' LUFT, JOANNA. Brechtian Gestus and the Politics of Tea in Christina Reid's Tea in a China Cup 214 LYON, JAMES K. Elements of American Theatre and Film in Brecht's Caucasian Chalk Circle 238 MEWS, SIEGFRIED. Review Essay: Brecht's Goldhagen? 280 ODESSKAYA, MARGARITA, trans. RALPH LlNDHEIM. Chekhov's Tatyana Repina: From Melodrama to Mystery Play 475 PATTIE, DAVIO. The Common Good: The Hare Trilogy 363 PILETTI, ANNA, trans. JOHN O. TULK and FLAVIO MULTINEODU. Giorgio Strehler and Bertolt Brecht: The Meeting of Two "Men of Poetry" 234 RONG GUANGRUN. Brecht in China: His Influence and Chinese Perspectives 247 SAUNDERS, GRAHAM. "Missing Mothers and Absent Fathers"; Howard Barker's Seven Lears and Elaine Feinstein's Lear'S DAUGHTERS 401 SCHAUB, MARTlN. Magic Meanings in Marnet's Cryptogram 326 SCHEIE, TIMOTHY. Acting Gay in the Age of Queer: Pondering the Revival of The Boys in the Band SCHLENKER, WOLFRAM, trans. GERHARD HAUCK. Is There a "Chinese" Brecht? Problems of Brecht Receplion in China 253 SEYMOUR, ANNA. Welcoming in the New Millennium: The Possibilities of Brecht's The Days ofthe Commune for Northern Ireland 176 SHEPPARD, PUIUPPA. Modem Drama Studies: An Annual Bibliography 59 STERNER, MARK H. Shaw's Devils D~sciple: The Subversion of Melodramaffhe Melodrama of Subversion 338 TULLOCH, JOHN, TOM BURVILL, and ANDREW HOOD. Chekhov in Massachusetts: Competing Modernisms at the American Repertory Theatre 615 UBERSFELD, ANNE, trans. FRANK COLLINS. Mother Courage in France 198 VEES-GULANI, SUSANNE. Hidden Order in the "Stoppard Set": Chaos Theory in the Content and Structure of Tom Stoppard's Arcadia 41 I WORRALL, NICK. Stanislavsky's Production Score for Chekhov's The Cheny Orchard (1904): A Synoptic Overview 519 REVIEWS BASTING, ANNE DAVIS, The Stages ofAge: Pelforming Age jll Contempormy American Culture by Shelley SCOl! 462 Index to Volume 42, 1999 66r BIASIN, GIAN-PAOLO, and GlERI, MANUELA, eds., Luigi Piralldello: Contemporary Perspectives by lana O'Keefe Bazzoni 456 RICHARD BODEK, Proletarian Pelformance in Weimar Berlin: Agitprop. Chorus, and Brecht, by Kerslin Gaddy 292 FREDRIC JAMESON, Brecht and Method. by Volker Gransow and Pia Kleber 286 JONATHAN KALB, The Theater of Heiner Milller, by Carl Weber 291 DAVID F. KUHNS, German Expressionist Theatre: The Actor and the Stage, by Shauna Dobbie...


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