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  • Parergon Editor's Foreword
  • Anne M. Scott

This Special Issue of Parergon stems from the work of a group of scholars originally supported in 2008 as a research cluster within the ARC Network for Early European Research (NEER). At the time, NEER was especially pleased to be associated with such a vigorous and innovative group as the Early Modern Women's Writers Research Cluster which, since the end of NEER's funded life, has continued as a Research Network coordinated by Rosalind Smith and Patricia Pender of the University of Newcastle, Australia.

The articles in this issue arise from longstanding collaboration among the authors. All the articles are interrelated, and clearly bring many new insights to a field of growing importance: the material reception of texts and its implications for understanding the role of the early modern woman writer. As Parergon is available online as well as in hard copy, I feel confident that this issue will gain well-deserved exposure to a wide critical audience.

It has been a particular pleasure to work with the guest editors, Sarah Ross, Patricia Pender, and Rosalind Smith. My thanks are also due to the anonymous peer reviewers whose comments have been incisive and helpful, to Lesley O'Brien for her meticulous copy-editing, and to our reviews editors, Toby Burrows and, again, Lesley O'Brien, who have created a reviews section that brings a wealth of up-to-date research to our readers.

Anne M. Scott
The University of Western Australia


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