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Modem Drama Studies: An Annual Bibliography CHARLES A. CARPENTER The present annual bibliography follows the basic principles and limitations described in the June 1984 issue. The main objective is to record current scholarship, criticism, and commentary that may prove valuable to students of dramatic literature and, to a lesser extent, of theatre history. The bibliography embraces all the expected areas and topics of modern world drama, including playwrights who lived past 1899 (plus Btichner and Becque) and influential theatre figures other than performers. Reviews, reprinted books, unpublished theses, and graduate-student periodicals are generally excluded. The annual bibliography also serves as a supplement to my Modem Drama Scholarship and Criticism I966-I980: An International Bibliography (University of Toronto Press, 1986). The checklist is divided as follows: A General (including reference works) B American C British and Irish D Commonwealth and Asian E Hispanic (including Portuguese) F French G Italian H Germanic (including Austrian, Swiss, and Dutch) J Scandinavian K Eastern European (Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Balkan, Baltic) Section A is restricted to material that would not fit in the better defined categories. [am indebted to the library staffs of SUNY-Binghamton, Cornell, and Harvard; the harvest from Widener will be especially evident in this instalment , by far the biggest ever. An Annual Bibliography Abbreviations used in the checklist, besides those for the journals listed below, include the following for cities: Lon., NY, Bos., and Fr. (Frankfurt); Amer, Eng, Lit, Long, Bibl, Assn, and Lib for the obvious; and UP to indicate "University Press" or any university's press. Further abbreviations - most of them self-evident - are Bul for Bulletin, J for Journal, Mag for Magazine, Q for Quarterly, and Rev for Review. Some items that I have just been able to examine are repeated from previous listings (in the volume as well as the journal) for the purpose of "expanding" them - indexing relevant sections under further subjects - or simply to correct them. These are marked "exp. entry" and "corr. entry." JOURNAL ABBREVIATIONS ABnG Amsterdamer Beitrage zur CEGe Cahiers d'Etudes Neueren Germanistik Germaniques ADS Australasian Drama Studies CEQT Castello di Elsinore: AEF Anuario de Estudios Quadrimestrale di Teatro Filol6gicos cms Communications from the AFLLSB Annali della Facolta di Lingue International Brecht Society e Letterature Straniere, CLQ Colby Library Quarterly Universita di Bari CIS Claudel Studies ALIL Anuar de Linguistica ~i CTR Canadian Theatre Review Istorie Literara DD Diskussion Deutsch ALitASH Acta Liueraria Academiae DHA Dialogos Hispanicos de Scientiarum Hungaricae Amsterdam AltTb Alternatives Theatrales DSGM Dokumenti Slovenskega Arnst AmerikastudienlAmerican G1edaliSkega Muzeja Studies DVLG Deutsche Vierteljahrsschrift AQD Ariel: Quadrimestrale di fUr Literaturwissenschaft und Drammaturgia ... Geistesgeschichte ATh American Theatre DW Dialog (Warsaw) AuEng Anglistik und Englisch- EC Espana Contemponinea unterricht EEsc Estudis Escenics AUL Acta Universitatis L6dziensis: EF[ Estudios de Filologia Inglesa Folia Litteraria EG Etudes Germaniques BALF Black American Literature E[ Etudes Irlandaises Forum Eire Eire/Ireland BARLLF Bulletin de I'Academie EOR Eugene O'Neill Review Royale de Langue et ETb Essays in Theatre Litterature Fran~aises FGL FGL: Boletin de la Fundaci6n CanD Canadian Drama Federico Garcia Lorca CCY Cross Currents: A Yearbook FilG Filologia Germariska of Central European Culture FMT Forum Modemes Theater An Annual Bibliography 157 ORM Gennanisch-Romanische Poz Pozoriste Monatsschrift PsyR Psychoanalytic Review OS! Gennan Studies in India QI Quaderni di Italianistica HBSA Hjalmar Bergman Samfundet: QT Quademi di Teatro Arsbok RAO Rail)a un Aspazijas IJAS Indian lournal of American Gadagramata Studies RCF Review of Contemporary ISch Indian Scholar Fiction JDTC Journal of Dramatic Theory RChL Revista Chilena de Literatura and Criticism RdEH Revista de Estudios JHD lournal of the Hellenic Hispanicos (Rio Piedras) Diaspora ROad Rail)a Gadagramata JJCL Jadavpur Journal of RHT Revue d'Histoire du Theatre Comparative Literature RITL Revista de Istorie ~i Tearie JLA lournal of Literature and Literara Aesthetics RLENA Revue de Litterature et lLSP Journal of Literary Studies d'EstMtique N~gro- (Pretoria) Africaines JoBS .Journal of Beckett Studies RRL Revue Roumaine de KOad Kritikas Gadagramata Linguistique KnjiK Knjizevna Kritika Runa Runa: Revista POI1uguesa LATR Latin American Theatre de Estudos Gennanfsticos Review SAT! South African Theatre Journal LCrit Literary Criterion ScC Scholar Critic LetBA Letras (Buenos Aires) SCIA Studii ~i Cercetari de LtL Literatur fUr Leser Istoria Artei: Seria...


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