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Beckett Criticism in Modern Drama: A Checklist FREDERICK J. MARKER • THE FOLLOWING CHECKLIST surveys, in the chronological order of their appearance, the chief contributions to Beckett scholarship that have appeared in Modern Drama since the journal's inception in 1958. Volume number and inclusive pages are given in parenthesis for each entry. Articles of a more general nature on absurdist drama are not normally listed. Articles: Richard M. Eastman, "The Strategy ofSamuel Beckett's Endgame" (2: 36-44) Ruby Cohn, "Waiting is All" (3: 162-67) Allan Brick, "A Note on Perception and Communication in Beckett's Endgame" (4: 20-22) Richard M. Eastman, "Samuel Beckett and Happy Days" (6: 417-24) Robert S. Cohen, "Parallels and the Possibility of Influence Between Simone Weil's Waitingfor God and Samuel Beckett's Waitingfor Godot" (6: 425-36) Charles R. Lyons, "Beckett's Endgame: An Anti-Myth Creation" (7: 204-09) Richard Lee Francis, "Beckett's Metaphysical Tragicomedy" (8: 259-67) Katharine J. Worth, "Yeats and the French Drama" (8: 382-91) John Fletcher, "Roger Blin at Work" (8: 403-08) Ruby Cohn, "Acting for Beckett" (9: 237) Jean Jacques Mayoux, "Beckett and Expressionism" (9: 238-41) John Fletcher, "Action and Play in Beckett's Theater" (9: 242-50) Wolfgang Iser, "Samuel Beckett's Dramatic Language" (9: 251-59) Edith Kern, "Beckett and the Spirit of the Commedia dell'Arte" (9: 260-67) Richard Schechner, "There's Lots ofTime in Godot" (9: 268-76) Gabor Mihalyi, "Beckett's Godot and the Myth of Alienation" (9: 277-82) 261 262 BECKETT CRITICISM IN MODERN DRAMA Jacques Dubois, "Beckett and Ionesco: The Tragic Awareness of Pascal and the Ironic Awareness of Flaubert" (9: 283-91) Curtis M. Brooks, "The Mythic Pattern in Waitingfar Gada!" (9: 292-99) Melvin J. Friedman, "Critic!" (9: 300-08) Anselm Atkins, "A Note on the Structure of Lucky's Speech" (9: 309) John J. Sheedy, "The Comic Apocalypse of King Hamm" (9: 310-18) Ruby Cohn, "The Beginning ofEndgame" (9: 319-23) David J. Alpaugh, "The Symbolic Structure of Samuel Beckett's All That FaIr' (9: 324-32) Arthur K. Oberg, "Krapp's Last Tape and the Proustian Vision" (9: 333-38) Renee Riese Hubert, "Beckett's Play Between Poetry and Performance" (9: 33946 ) [Volume 9 (December 1966), containing the foregoing sixteen articles, was a special issue on Samuel Beckett edited by Ruby Cohn.] Robert E. Todd, "Proust and Redemption in Waitingfar Gada!" (10: 175-81) Anthony Easthope, "Hamm, Clov, and Dramatic Method in Endgame" (10: 42433 ) Marion Trousdale, "Dramatic Form: The Example of Gada!" (11: 1-9) Konrad Schoell, "The Chain and the Circle: A Structural Comparison of Waitingfar Gada! and Endgame" (11: 48-53) Louise O. Cleveland, "Trials in the Soundscape: The Radio Plays of Samuel Beckett" (11: 267-82) Charles C. Hampton, Jr., "Samuel Beckett's Film" (11: 299-305) Clas Zilliacus, "Samuel Beckett's Embers: 'A Matter of Fundamental Sounds'" (13: 216-25) Karen F. Stein, "Metaphysical Silence in Absurd Drama" (13: 423-31) Ruby Cohn, "Beckett and Shakespeare" (15: 223-30) Bernard F. Dukore, "Krapp's Last Tape as Tragicomedy" (15: 351-54) Richard L. Admussen, "The Manuscripts of Beckett's Play" (16: 23-28) David Alpaugh, "Embers and the Sea: Beckettian Intimations ofMortality" (16: 317-28) Louisa Jones, "Narrative Salvation in Waitingfar Gada!" (17: 179-88) Vincent J. Murphy, "Being and Perception: Beckett's Film" (18: 43-48) Enoch Brater, "Dada, Surrealism, and the Genesis of Not F' (18: 49-59) Merrie London, "To Make a Short Beckett Piece" (18: 60) Shoshana Avigal, "Beckett's Play: The Circular Line of Existence" (18: 251-58) Hans-Peter Hasselbach, "Samuel Beckett's Endgame: A Structural Analysis" (19: 25-34) , Hersh Zeifman, "Being and Non-Being: Samuel Beckett's Not F' (19: 35-46) Rolf Breuer, "The Solution as Problem: Beckett's Waiting for Goda!" (19: 22536 ) Rosemary Pountney, "Samuel Beckett's Interest in Form: Structural Patterning in Play" (19: 237-44) Breon Mitchell, "Art in Microcosm: The Manuscript Stages of Beckett's Come and Go (19: 245-54) BECKETT CRITICISM IN MODERN DRAMA 263 Reviews: Samuel Beckett: The Language ofSelf, by Frederick 1. Hoffman (Henry W. KnepIer ) 6: 108-10 Four Playwrights and a Postscript...


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