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Journal of World History 14.4 (2003) 583-590

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Index to Volume 14, 2003

Abbott, Elizabeth, A History of Celibacy (reviewed by Frank Kirkpatrick), 248-250

Adams, Paul V., Erick D. Langer, Lily Hwa, Peter N. Stearns, and Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks, Experiencing World History (reviewed by Deborah Smith Johnston), 87-90

Adas, Michael, ed., Agricultural and Pastoral Societies in Ancient and Classical History (reviewed by Touraj Daryaee), 243-245

"After Slavery: Asian Labor, the American South, and the Age of Emancipation," by Matthew Pratt Guterl, 209-241

The Agony of Asar: A Thesis on Slavery by the Former Slave Jacobus Elisa Johannes Capitein, 1717-1747, by Jacobus Elisa Johannes Capitein (reviewed by Joseph E. Inikori), 571-575

Agricultural and Pastoral Societies in Ancient and Classical History, by Michael Adas, ed. (reviewed by Touraj Daryaee), 243-245

Altmann, Gerhard. Review ofA.W. Brian Simpson, Human Rights and the End of Empire: Britain and the Genesis of the European Convention, 579-582

Altman, Ida. Review of Jose C. Moya, Cousins and Strangers: Spanish Immigrants in Buenos Aires, 1850-1930, 103-105

Alvarez, Patricia. Review of J. M. Blaut, Eight Eurocentric Historians, 105-111

Anderson, Eugene N. See Buell, Paul D. and Eugene N. Anderson

Asian Merchants and Businessmen in the Indian Ocean and the China Sea, by Denys Lombard and Jean Aubin, eds. (reviewed by Awad Halabi), 95-98

Aubin, Jean. See Lombard, Denys and Jean Aubin

Bagchi, Kaushik, "An Orientalist in the Orient: Richard Garbe's Indian Journey, 1885-1886," 281-325

Ballantyne, Tony, Orientalism and Race: Aryanism in the British Empire (reviewed by Carolyn Neel), 418-420

Barendse, R. J., "The Feudal Mutation: Military and Economic Transformations of the Ethnosphere in the Tenth to Thirteenth Centuries," 503-529

Batemen, Robert L. Review of David A. Gerber, ed., Disabled Veterans in History, 98-100

Bauer, Arnold J., Goods, Power, History: Latin America's Material Culture (reviewed by Paul Gootenberg), 561-563

Benton, Lauren, Law and Colonial Cultures: Legal Regimes inWorld History, 1400-1900 (reviewed by Adam McKeown), 259-261

The Biography of Mahommah Gardo Baquaqua: His Passage from Slavery to Freedom in [End Page 583] Africa and America, by Robin Law and Paul Lovejoy, eds. (reviewed by Joseph E. Inikori), 571-575

Birth of the Multinational: 2000 Years of Ancient Business History--From Ashur to Augustus, by Karl Moore and David Lewis (reviewed by Hans Georg Niemeyer), 90-92

Blaut, J. M., Eight Eurocentric Historians (reviewed by Patricia Alvarez), 105-111

Breakout: The Origins of Civilization, by Martha Lamberg-Karlovsky, ed. (reviewed by Donald B. Wagner), 551-553

Breslaw, Elaine G., ed., Witches of the Atlantic World: A Historical Reader and Primary Sourcebook (reviewed by Brian P. Levack), 261-264

Brooks, Pam. Review of Piotr O. Scholz, Eunuchs and Castrati: A Cultural History, 246-248

Buckley, Ann, ed., Hearing the Past: Essays in Historical Ethnomusicology and the Archaeology of Sound (reviewed by Fred Spier), 407-408

Buell, Paul D. and Eugene N. Anderson, A Soup for the Qan: Chinese Dietary Medicine of the Mongol Era as Seen in Hu Szu-Hui's Yin-shan Cheng-Yao (reviewed by Rachel Laudan), 563-566

The Cambridge World History of Food, by Kenneth F. Kiple and Kriemhild Conee Ornelas, eds. (reviewed by Andrew Dalby), 393-396

Campbell, I. C., "The Culture of Culture Contact: Refractions from Polynesia," 63-86

Cannadine, David, Ornamentalism: How the British Saw Their Empire (reviewed by Peter H. Hoffenberg), 264-269

Capitein, Jacobus Elisa Johannes, The Agony of Asar: A Thesis on Slavery by the Former Slave Jacobus Elisa Johannes Capitein, 1717-1747 (reviewed by Joseph E. Inikori), 571-575

Carmagnani, Marcello, Constitucionalismo y Orden Liberal. América Latina, 1850-1920 (reviewed by M. C. Mirow), 421-423

Cheng, Yinghong and Patrick Manning, "Revolution in Education: China and Cuba in Global Context, 1957-1976," 359-391

Choi, Sung. Review of Peter H. Hoffenberg, An Empire on Display: English, Indian, and Australian Exhibitions from the Crystal Palace to the Great War, 415-418

Christian, David "World History in Context," 437-458

Review of Scott Levi, The Indian Diaspora in Central Asia and Its Trade, 1550...


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