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  • The Temptation Is
  • Elizabeth Macklin (bio)

to say ittoo quickly.But in factit's slow:

In six yearsand a monththey got usedto the larks.

They couldhave been larksin flight andsinging

or could havebeen larksreleasedto be gleeful,

sprung,lighthearted,so lightor young [End Page 198]

they got usedto beingas if tothe manner

birdsof a kind,in factwhat larks—

living, passerine,sentient beings—injust six yearsand one month more. [End Page 199]

Elizabeth Macklin

Elizabeth Macklin is the author of two books of poetry, A Woman Kneeling in the Big City (1992) and You've Just Been Told (2000), and the translator of Meanwhile Take My Hand: Poems (2007) and Bar Puerto (2010), by the Basque writer Kirmen Uribe.