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  • Editor’s Note

I am honored to step in as Editor of the Journal of Sport History for the next three years. When I attended my first North American Society for Sport History as a graduate student at Loyola University in Chicago in 1991 I never imagined that my path in the organization would lead to the editorship of the Journal. I am eternally grateful to Roberta Park for taking me on as a graduate student at Berkeley and preparing me for a career which includes this editorship.

I do not plan to make dramatic changes to the Journal over the next three years. My main goals will be to continue the strong reputation of the Journal, to involve as diverse a group of individuals in the editorial and production process of the Journal, and to carry on the timely publication of each and every issue.

I would like to thank the previous editor, Wray Vamplew, for all he has done to help me prepare to serve as Editor, for all he did to get the Journal back on its feet and continue its excellent status in the academy. One of Wray’s final tasks was to get us back on to the Scopus Database (owned by Elsevier). This was a lengthy process, and Wray is to be commended for following through on this endeavor. According to Scopus JSH is “ . . . a strong and significant journal with an excellent editorial policy.” We were reminded, however, to keep the Journal on a timely publication schedule.

I am very fortunate to have an outstanding editorial team to work with me on the Journal. Murray Phillips will become Associate Editor and has already begun to do a great job. Jaime Schulz will continue as an assistant editor with her main responsibility being the “Test of Time” series. Matthew Llewellyn has stepped in as the assistant editor who will work with me on proofreading and editing each issue before it goes to the technical editor, JoDee Dyreson. Our book review editors remain Jerry Gems and Annette Hofmann, and Thomas Hunt will still handle the “Dissertation Survey.” Finally, Russell Fields is stepping down as Film and Museum Editor. As of the writing of this editorial his replacement has not been named.

The Editorial Board has also seen some changes with some longtime members stepping down and new members coming on board. I will continue to enrich the Editorial Board as I have found this group to be a critical element in the success of our Journal.

Finally, I am very proud to be the first female editor of the Journal. I was a bit surprised when I realized this as I was looking over the back issues of the Journal. NASSH has been fortunate to have so many strong female historians, some of whom have served as guest editors of special issues of the Journal, that I was amazed that none of them had served as Editor. I will do my utmost to be deserving of the trust that the organization has shown in me by inviting me to be Editor of the Journal of Sport History.




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