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Articles and Remarks

Abels, Klaus
"Expletive Negation" in Russian: A Conspiracy Theory 13(1): 5-74
Alexander, Ronelle
[Alexander and Zhobov] New Conclusions on the Conclusive 17(1-2): 61-85
Andrews, David R.
The Role of Émigré Russian in Redefining the "Standard" 14(2): 169-89

The Russian Color Categories Sinij and Goluboj: An Experimental Analysis of Their Interpretation in the Standard and Emigré Languages 2(1): 9-28

Andrews, Edna
Interpretants and Linguistic Change: The Case of -x- in Contemporary Standard Colloquial Russian 1(2): 199-218
Avgustinova, Tania
On Bulgarian Verb Clitics 2(1): 29-47
Babby, Leonard H.
Subjectlessness, External Subcategorization, and the Projection Principle 10(1-2): 341-88

A Theta-Theoretic Analysis of -en- Suffixation in Russian 1(1): 3-43

Babko-Malaya, Olga
Perfectivity and Prefixation in Russian 11(1): 5-36
Babyonyshev, Maria
The Possessive Construction in Russian: A Crosslinguistic Perspective 5(2): 193-230
Bailyn, John F.
Overt Predicators 10(1-2): 23-52

To What Degree Are Croatian and Serbian the Same Language? Evidence from a Translation Study 18(2): 181-219

Underlying Phrase Structure and "Short" Verb Movement in Russian 3(1): 13-58 [End Page 311]

Beard, Robert
The Gender-Animacy Hypothesis 3(1): 59-96
Bethin, Christina Y.
Neo-Acute Length in the North Central Dialects of Late Common Slavic 1(2): 219-50

Perceptual Salience in Dialect Contact: The Okan'e/Akan'e Dialects of East Slavic 18(1): 7-54

Word Prosody in the Vladimir-Volga Basin Dialects of Russian 15(2): 177-205

Billings, Loren A.
Phrasal Clitics 10(1-2): 53-104
Birnbaum, David J.
Why Isn't Dybo's Law Iterative? 2(2): 268-72
Birnbaum, Henrik
On the Ethnogenesis and Protohome of the Slavs: The Linguistic Evidence 1(2): 352-74
Błaszczak, Joanna
On the Nature of N-Words in Polish 13(2): 173-235
Boček, Vít
On the Relationship between Gemination and Palatalization in Early Romance Loanwords in Common Slavic 20(2): 151-71
Bondaruk, Anna
Parasitic Gaps and ATB in Polish 11(2): 221-249
Borschev, Vladimir
[Borschev and Partee] The Russian Genitive of Negation: Theme-Rheme Structure or Perspective Structure? 10(1-2): 105-44
Bošković, Željko
Clitic Placement in South Slavic 12(1-2): 37-90
Braginsky, Pavel
[Braginsky and Rothstein] Vendlerian Classes and the Russian Aspectual System 16(1): 3-55
Brown, Dunstan P.
[Brown and Hippisley] Conflict in Russian Genitive Plural Assignment: A Solution Represented in DATR 2(1): 48-76
Brown, Sue
[Brown and Franks] Asymmetries in the Scope of Russian Negation 3(2): 239-87
Browne, Wayles
Serbo-Croatian Enclitics for English-Speaking Learners 12(1-2): 249-83 [End Page 312]
Butler, Francis
Russian vurdulak 'vampire' and Related Forms in Slavic 13(2): 237-50
Caink, Andrew
Semi-Lexical Heads and Clitic Climbing 12(1-2): 91-133
Camus, Rémi
Eščë raz = n + 1: Repetition as Counting Off 2(1): 151-63
Cašule, Ilija
The Functional Load of the Short Pronominal Forms and the Doubling of the Object in Macedonian 5(1): 3-19
Ćavar, Małgorzata E.
[ATR] in Polish 15(2): 207-28
Choi, Sung-ho
Aspect and Negated Modality in Russian: Their Conceptual Compatibility 5(1): 20-50
Citko, Barbara
On the Distribution of -kolwiek 'ever' in Polish Free Relatives 18(2): 221-58

On the Syntax and Semantics of English and Polish Concessive Conditionals 11(1): 37-54

On the Syntax and Semantics of Polish Adjunct Clauses 8(1-2): 5-27

Cooper, Brian
The Word vampire: Its Slavonic Form and Origin 13(2): 251-70
Cummins, George M.
Indefiniteness in Czech 6(2): 171-203

Literary Czech, Common Czech, and the Instrumental Plural 13(2): 271-97

Cvetko-Orešnik, Varja
[Cvetko-Orešnik and Orešnik] Natural Syntax of Slovenian: The Complex Sentence 19(1): 19-46
Czaplicki, Bartłomiej
Palatalized Labials in Polish Dialects: An Evolutionary Perspective 18(2): 259-90
Danaher, David S.
Czech Habitual Verbs and Conceptual Distancing 9(1): 3-24
Danylenko, Andrii
Auxiliary Clitics in Southwest Ukrainian: Questions of Chronology, Areal Distribution, and Grammaticalization 20(1): 3-34
Dickey, Stephen...


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