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  • From the Editor
  • Steven Franks, Editor-in-Chief

The current number of JSL marks the completion of twenty years of publication—a bit ahead of schedule, and making this anniversary issue available just in time for the seventh annual meeting of the Slavic Linguistics Society at the University of Kansas from 25 to 27 August 2012. It is exciting for me to see so many Slavic linguists coming together as colleagues to share their ideas and research, despite different orientations and assumptions about how language works. This is the open-minded spirit in which JSL was conceived, and it is this embracing of eclecticism which has made us the premier journal in the field. New recognition of the Society as the primary voice of Slavic linguistics can be found in the recent decision by the Executive Council of AATSEEL to grant SLS members in good standing the privilege of presenting at AATSEEL meetings, beginning with the January 2013 meeting in Boston, without necessarily joining AATSEEL.

In addition to four stimulating articles and two insightful book reviews, this issue contains a comprehensive index of all the articles and reviews which have appeared in JSL over the past twenty years. It is very gratifying, as we reach this milestone, to see how diverse these contributions have been. I like to think that the journal has evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of our discipline, and—especially now that it belongs to the Society—that it will remain for many years to come the publication outlet of choice for Slavists and linguists wishing to disseminate their latest research. As always, I encourage members of SLS to submit new manuscripts for consideration, as well as Reflections pieces, In Memoriam notes, and shorter remarks or replies. Associate Editor Wayles Browne should be contacted directly if there is a book you may want to review. We will also consider proposals for guest-edited topical issues; the next one in the works, spearheaded by Laura Janda and Tore Nesset, bears the tentative title "Aspect in Slavic: Creating Time, Creating Grammar."

As the journal and society thrive, JSL continues to receive an ever increasing number of quality submissions that require expert review. We depend on conscientious support from our anonymous reviewers, [End Page 149] and gratefully acknowledge the following individuals for their help in refereeing one or more manuscripts for JSL over the past two years:

  • Henning Anderson

  • Valentina Apresjan

  • Tania Avgustinova

  • Jonathan Barnes

  • Martina Björklund

  • Susan C. Bobb

  • Ivano Caponigro

  • Małgorzata Ćavar

  • Annalisa Czeczulin

  • Stephen Dickey

  • Filipp Dudchuk

  • Ashley Farris-Trimble

  • Metka Furlan

  • Hana Filip

  • Alison Gabriele

  • Anastasia Giannakidou

  • Mark Greenberg

  • Stephanie Harves

  • Christian Hilchey

  • Marie Huffman

  • Laura Janda

  • Simin Karimi

  • Darya Kavitskaya

  • Viktor Kharlamov

  • Alexei Kochetov

  • Volkmar Lehmann

  • Hans Robert Mehlig

  • Krzysztof Migdalski

  • Roksolana Mykhaylyk

  • Vitaly Nikolaev

  • Renee Perelmutter

  • Asya Perelstvaig

  • Anita Peti-Stantić

  • Ljiljana Progovac

  • Eugenia Romanova

  • Susan Rothstein

  • Maaike Schoorlemmer

  • Andrea Sims

  • Danko Šipka

  • Yunju Suh

  • Sergei Tatevosov

  • Yakov Testelets

  • Egor Tsedryk

  • Cynthia Vakareliyska

  • Duško Vitas

  • Heike Wiese

  • Melissa Witcombe

  • Michael Yadroff

  • Ksenia Zanon

  • Draga Zec

  • Larisa Zlatić

Without people like you, who—in addition of course to our Associate Editors—do most of the work in shepherding submissions through the editorial process, JSL could not exist. [End Page 150]



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