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Ben-Merre, David
Falling into Silence: Giorgio Agamben at the End of the Poem
45.1 89-104
Cardell, Kylie, and Victorian Kuttainen
The Ethics of Laughter: David Sedaris and Humor Memoir
45.3 99-114
Chen, Chien-Hung
Weltgeschichte als Weltgericht: Le corps hétérotopique dans Une tempête
45.3 133-50
Christensen, Allan C.
Creating/Vanishing: The Gypsy Muse in Works by Arnold, Kalda, Janáček, and Vaughan Williams
45.3 165-83
Clarke, Ben
"The poor man's club": The Middle Classes, the Public House, and the Idea of Community in the Nineteen-Thirties
45.2 39-54
Dickinson, Colby
The Poetic Atheology of Giorgio Agamben: Defining the Scission Between Poetry and Philosophy
45.1 203-17
Dima, Vlad
A Fantasy of One's Own: Rooms in Hitchcock's Vertigo and Baudelaire's Prose Texts
45.4 69-84
Fee, Tara Robbins
Irreconcilable Differences: Voice, Trauma, and Melville's Moby-Dick
45.4 137-53
Gould, Rebecca
Leaving the House of Memory: Post-Soviet Traces of Deportation Memory [End Page 175]
45.2 149-64
Grønstad, Asbjørn
Ekphrasis Refigured: Writing Seeing in Siri Hustvedt's What I Loved
45.3 33-48
Hoogheem, Andrew
Secular Apocalypses: Darwinian Criticism and Atwoodian Floods
45.2 55-72
Hoy, Helen
"Never Meant to Be": Porcupines and China Dolls as a Fetal-Alcohol Narrative
45.2 95-112
Jenkins, Grant Matthew
Beyond, Between, and Otherwise: Mark McMorris's Post Colonial Poethics
45.1 17-34
Johnson, Carl M.
Japanese Poetry and the "Pathetic Fallacy"
45.1 171-86
Langlois, Christopher
"cease to exist in order to be": Worstward Ho between Badiou and Deleuze
45.3 17-32
Lee, Hsiu-chuan
The Remains of Empire and the "Purloined" Philippines: Jessica Hagedorn's Dream Jungle
45.3 49-64
Lingis, Alphonso
One's Own Voice
45.4 21-35
Lingis, Alphonso
The Weight of Reality
45.4 37-49
Magee, Paul
Poetic Fact: On Research Questions as Relations of Force
45.1 121-36
McCance, Dawne
Crossings: A Conversation with Alphonso Lingis
45.4 1-19
McInnes, Marion K.
Photographic Documents and Postmodern Fictions: Photobooks by Susan Meiselas and Gregory Crewdson [End Page 176]
45.2 73-94
Moore, Isabel A.
Lyric Fever: Erin Mouré and the Queer Anatomy of Lyric Life
45.1 35-54
Ommundsen Pessoa, Ludmila
Récits de voyageuses en Afrique du Sud et conquête du corps victorien
45.4 119-35
Pizer, Donald
John Dos Passos in the 1920s: The Development of A Modernist Style
45.4 51-67
Posman, Sarah
Time as Simple/Multiple Melody in Henri Bergson's Duration and Simultaneity and Gertrude Stein's Landscape Writing
45.1 105-20
Priest, eldritch
Obscurity and the Poetics of Non/Sense in the Writings of Raymond Roussel and Fernando Pessoa
45.2 1-18
Pyrhönen, Heta
Purloined Letters in Ian McEwan's Atonement
45.4 103-18
Raschke, Debrah
Framed Identity: Finding Lucy in Atwood's "Death by Landscape"
45.3 65-80
Roberson, Michael
Nietzsche's Poet-Philosopher: Toward a Poetics of Response-ability, Possibility, and the Future
45.1 187-202
Saghafi, Kas
Thomas the Marvellous: Resurrection and Living-Death in Blanchot and Nancy
45.3 1-16
Skibsrud, Johanna
An "Impossible Science": Wallace Stevens and the Ecstatic Mind [End Page 177]
45.1 71-88
Spratt, Stephen
" To find God in Nature": Thoreau's Poetics of Natural History
45.1 155-70
Stoltzfus, Ben
Magritte's La clef de verre and Hammett's The Glass Key: An Interarts Dialogue
45.4 85-102
Stovel, Nora Foster
Margaret Laurence: The Woman and the Masks
45.4 155-74
Sushytska, Julia
On the Non-Rivalry Between Poetry and Philosophy: Plato's Republic Reconsidered
45.1 55-70
Turner, Daniel Cross
Dying Objects/Living Things: The Thingness of Poetry in Yusef Komunyakaa's Talking Dirty to the Gods
45.1 137-54
Vincent, Timothy C.
From Sympathy to Empathy: Baudelaire, Vischer, and Early Modernism
45.1 1-16
Visvis, Vikki
Traumatic Forgetting and Spatial Consciousness in Dionne Brand's In Another Place, Not Here
45.3 115-32
Wainwright, Michael
Sherlock Holmes and Game Theory...


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