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Hispanic American Historical Review 83.4 (2003) 781-798

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Index to Volume 83

Articles and Comments

Number 1, February 2003

Return to Hispaniola: Reassessing a Demographic Catastrophe     MASSIMO LIVI-BACCI 3-51

The Upper Classes and Their Upper Stories: Architecture and the Aftermath of the Lima Earthquake of 1746     CHARLES F. WALKER 53-82

Trading Insults: Honor, Violence, and the Gendered Culture of Commerce in Cochabamba, Bolivia, 1870s    -1950 s     LAURA GOTKOWITZ 83-118

Between Coca and Cocaine: A Century or More of U.S.-Peruvian Drug Paradoxes, 1860-1980    PAUL GOOTENBERG 119-50

Number 2, May 2003

Stilt-Root Subsistence: Colonial Mangroves and Brazil's Landless Poor     SHAWN W. MILLER 223-53

The Legal Revolution in Town Politics: Oaxaca and Yucatán, 1812-1825     KAREN CAPLAN 255-93

In the Shadow of the State: The Politics of Denunciation and Panegyric during the Trujillo Regime in the Dominican Republic, 1940-1958    LAUREN DERBY 295-344

Archival Research and the Program for Latin American Libraries and Archives     DAN HAZEN 345-54

Number 3, August 2003

The Making and Evolution of the Buenos Aires Economic Elite in the Nineteenth Century: The Example of the Senillosas     ROY HORA 451-86

Juan Manuel de Rosas contra los estancieros: Los embargos a los "unitarios" de la campaña de Buenos Aires     JORGE GELMAN and     MARIA INÉS SCHROEDER 487-520

Debt Peonage in Granada, Nicaragua, 1870-1930: Labor in a Noncapitalist Transition     ELIZABETH DORE 521-59 [End Page 781]

Number 4, November 2003

Defining the Space of Mexico '68: Heroic Masculinity in the Prison and "Women" in the Streets     LESSIE JO FRAZIER and    DEBORAH COHEN 617-60

Carlos Lacerda: The Rise and Fall of a Middle-Class Populist in 1950s Brazil     BRYAN MCCANN 661-696

Peonage, Paternalism, and the "Problema del Indio": The Making and Unmaking of Ecuador's Antilandlord State, 1845-1868    DEREK WILLIAMS 697-734

Projeto Resgate Barão do Rio Branco: Recuperating Sources for the History of Colonial Brazil     GERALDO MARTIRES COELHO 735-40


Lyle N. McAlister (1916-2002)     ALLAN J. KUETHE 561-63

Benjamin Keen (1913-2002)     KEITH HAYNES 357-59

Books Reviewed, by Reviewer

Abel, Christopher, review of Colombia: Territorial Rule and the Llanos Frontier, by Jane M. Rausch 428-30

Althouse, Aaron P., review of Negros, mulatos, esclavos y libertos en la Costa Rica del siglo XVII, by Rina Cáceres 175-76

Archer, Christon I., review of El Real Ejército de California, by Carlos López Urrutia 169-70

Arellano, Carmen, review of Habsburg Peru: Images, Imagination, and Memory, by Peter T. Bradley and David Cahill 178-79

Armus, Diego, review of Curar, persuadir, gobernar: La construcción histórica de la profesión médica en Buenos Aires, 1852-1886, by Ricardo González Leandri 194-95

Avelar, Idelber, review of The Muffled Cries: The Writer and Literature in Authoritarian Brazil, 1964-1985, by Nancy T. Baden 192-94

Babb, Florence E., review of After the Revolution: Gender and Democracy in El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, by Ilja A. Luciak 417-19

Baldwin, Deborah, review of Here and There in Mexico: The Travel Writings of Mary Ashley Townsend, edited by Ralph Lee Woodward Jr. 410-11

Bantjes, Adrian A., review of Ein Laboratorium der Revolution: Städtische soziale Bewegungen und radikale Reformpolitik im mexikanischen Bundesstaat Veracruz, 1918-1932, by Benedikt Behrens 760-62

Barman, Roderick J., review of English-Speaking Communities in Latin America, edited by Oliver Marshall 568-69 [End Page 782]

Becker, Marjorie, review of Cárdenas Compromised: The Failure of Reform in Postrevolutionary Yucatán, by Ben Fallaw 413-14

Benoît, Catherine, review of Black Rice: The African Origins of Rice Cultivation in the Americas, by Judith A. Carney 206-8

Berger, Susan, review of After Revolution: Mapping Gender and Cultural Politics in Neoliberal Nicaragua, by Florence E. Babb 203-6

Berger, Susan, review of Still Fighting: The Nicaraguan Women's Movement, 1977-2000, by Katherine Isbester 203-6

Bockelman, Brian S., review of La Universidad de La Plata y el movimiento estudiantil: Desde sus orígenes hasta 1930, edited by Hugo Biagini 601-2

Bolland, O...


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