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  • A Re-evaluation of Some of the Documentary Evidence Concerning Louis the Duke of Orleans as a Patron of Tapestry Makers
  • Sue-Anne Wallace
Sue-Anne Wallace
Department of Art History
Australian National University


Reference to the manuscripts is found in the List of Additions to the Manuscripts in the British Library, particularly the volumes covering the years 1836-1840 and 1854. For the study of the patronage of Louis, the Duke of Orleans, the relevant documents held by the British Library are:

  • — Inventory of the Archives of M. le Baron de Joursanvault, nos. 1-1350. XVIIIth cent. Folio. (Add. Ms 11539)

  • — Inventory of the Archives of M. le Baron de Joursanvault, containing tides from 1351-1396. 18th cent. Folio. (Add. Ms 11540)

  • — Inventory of the jewels, vessels of gold and silver, books, tableaux of the Duke of Orleans, delivered 27 Sept 1396 to Denis Mariete, his argentier. On vellum. Folio. (Add. Ms.11541)

  • — A collection of pieces relating chiefly to Normandy and other parts of France, whilst in the possession of the English ... incl: Inventory of tapestries found in various residences of the Duke of Orleans. 15th cent. Folio. (Add. Ms.11542)

  • — Inventory of tapestries belonging to Valentina Visconti in 1408 (Eg. Ms. 1639)

  • — Order to J. le Flament, for payment for his journey to Calais, 10 October 1396 (Add. Ch. 1517)

  • — Five hundred and thirty five original documents, consisting of charters, warrants, payments, acquittances, inventories etc. illustrative of the Costume of France from the year 1355-1667. (Add. Ch. 2028-2561)

    One hundred and twenty nine similar documents, illustrative of the use of Armour, offensive and defensive, and of equipments, from the year 1315-1636. (Add. Ch. 2562-2689)

  • — One hundred and thirty nine similar documents, illustrative of Furniture, Tapestry etc. used in France from the year 1327-1698. (Add. Ch. 2690-2829)

  • — Three hundred and sixty similar documents, illustrative of Goldsmiths' work, Jewellery, Ornaments of dress etc. 1355-1578. (Add. Ch. 2830-3191)

  • — One hundred and two similar documents, illustrative of the Coinage and Commerce of France, from the year 1297-1700. (Add. Ch. 3192-3293)

  • — Four hundred and sixty eight similar documents, illustrative of the expenses of the Royal Family of France, and the house of Orleans, with various other miscellaneous matters, from 9th-17th cent. (Add Ch. 4124-4578).


1. An earlier version of this paper was given at the Art Association of Australia Conference in 1986. The author wishes to thank Dr. A.D. Grishin for his encouragement with this research, and gracefully acknowledges the assistance given by the Department of Art History, Australian National University, in obtaining microfilm of the relevant documents from the British Library. Professor Michael Greenhalgh, Department of Art History, read the paper and made a number of useful suggestions.

2. For tapestries belonging to the other Dukes see J. Guiffrey, Inventaires de Jean Duc de Berry (1401-1416), vol 11, Paris, 1896; B. Prost, Les Tapisseries du Duc de Berry, Archives Historiques, Artistiques et Littéraires 1, 1889-1890; P. de Winter, The Patronage of Philippe le Hardi, Duke of Burgundy (1364-1404), Michigan (unpublished thesis), 1976; for an incomplete reference to the tapestries owned by Charles VI see J. Guiffrey, Inventaire des Tapisseries du Roi Charles VI vendues par les Anglais en 1422, Bibliothèque de l'Ecole des Chartes 48, 1887, 59-110, 396-437.

For the tapestries belonging to Louis, the Duke of Orleans see A. Champollion-Figeac, Louis et Charles, Ducs d'Orléans. Leur influence sur les Arts, La Littérature et l'Esprit de leur Siècle, Paris, 1844; F.M. Graves, Quelques Pièces Relatives à la Vie de Louis 1, duc d'Orléans et Valentina Visconti, sa Femme, Paris, 1913 (hereafter, Graves, Quelques Pièces); F.M. Graves, Deux Inventaires de la Maison d'Orléanw. 1389 et 1408, Paris, 1926 (hereafter, Graves, Deux Inventaires); J. Roman, Inventaires et Documents Relatifs aux Joyaux et Tapisseries des Princes d'Orléanw-Valois. 1389-1481, Paris, 1896; C.R. Shultz, The Artistic and Literary Patronage of Louis of Orleans and His Wife, Valentina Visconti, 1389-1408, Michigan (unpublished thesis), 1980; W.G. Thompson, A History of Tapestry, London, first ed. 1906...


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